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Written by RogorMortis   
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
new work by kjartan sveinsson (former Sigur Ros) & collaborator ragnar kjartansson kjartan sveinsson showcases his most ambitious musical work since leaving sigur rós in the shape of a collaborative theatre-set piece with iceland’s foremost contemporary artist, ragnar kjartansson. der klang der offenbarung des göttlichen (the explosive sonics of divinity) has its world premiere at berlin’s volksbühne theatre tomorrow (feb 19), with further performances set for thursday (20), feb 28 and mar 1 and 16.

inspired by the novel world light by nobel laureate icelandic writer halldor laxness, the piece features kjartan’s compositions in place of actors speaking lines, its series of stage paintings from ragnar said to represent “an over-romantic symphony of tableau vivants”. the music will be conducted by david thor jonsson and performed by the 40-piece film orchestra babelsberg and 16-strong berlin film choir.

this is the fourth time kjartan has collaborated with the hugely-feted kjartansson, his role seemingly increasing with each passing*. so, if you want to see what kjartan accomplishes when unbound by the fetters of a rock band, get yourself along to volksbühne tomorrow, the next day or late next week and see for yourself.
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