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The Enid Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Monday, 10 March 2014
The Enid Spring dates Shows this Spring

There are a few shows this spring I would like to remind you about:

The Peel, Kingston - Friday 21st March

Now regarded as the top venue for progressive music in London, the House of Progression invite you to The Peel to warm up The Enid ahead of their festival performance in Wales the following day. We will be supported by the highly regarded SIMON GODFREY (no relation of Robert's, not that we'd mind if he was. He's also a member of TINYFISH).

Tickets £15 - www.TheMerchDesk.com

I should perhaps mention that more than half of these tickets have already been claimed.


HRH Prog 2 - Saturday 22nd March

A THREE-DAY EVENT, LIVE AT HAFAN Y MÔR, NORTH WALES - We're supporting the almighty FISH!

Last year saw the first of the HRH PROG Festivals, and we were very pleased to surprise both audience and media at such a high profile progressive rock event. This time the new generation line up have had another year to develop, and we've got a few new tricks up our sleeves.

Passes start at £59 - www.HRHProg.com


Real Time Music - Saturday 26th April

1ST SHOW UP NORTH, 2014! Supported by progressive rock band THE TIRITH.

We are still waiting for the tickets for this show to become available online, but please mark the date down in your diary. We will let you know as soon as they go live, hopefully within the next few days.


The Musician - Friday 23rd May

We played at this venue last year and it was a wonderful evening for all involved. We can't wait to go back! This time we have support from MATT STEVENS.

Tickets £10 - WeGotTickets.com


And there are lots of gigs to follow in the Summer! CLICK HERE to find our where else we're going to be. We're also working on some dates for the Autumn.

All the very best from everyone at Enid HQ,

Joe Payne

The Enid
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