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Anton Roolaart Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Monday, 21 April 2014
New studio album Anton Roolaart, The Plight of Lady Oona to be released April, 24 2014 “After  the  well­received  debut Art­Rock  album  Dreamer in 2007, Anton has come  back as an
independent artist with an exciting new album entitled The Plight of Lady Oona which features
a  special guest appearance by Annie  Haslam. The tracks were recorded in  the US and The
Netherlands  during  the  last  few  years.  Anton’s  music  portrays  the  quintessence  of  melodic
progressive rock accompanied with lush orchestration, and this new release is certain to capture
the  listener’s  attention  once  again.  The  6  tracks  on  this  release  present  the  listener  with
wonderful  melodies,  guitars,  textures  and  keyboards  supported  by  herculean  bass  lines  and
drums.  He  does  this  with  the  help  of  some  talented  friends  and  musicians.  All  songs  were
composed and produced by Anton with  the  help of  co­producer Rave Tesar.  The CD comes
with  a  beautiful  12­page  full­color  booklet  containing  original  digital  artwork  done  by  Anton.

Anton Roolaart Vocals, guitars, mandolin,
keyboards, piano, bass (Memoires), percussion, additional drum programming,
Vinnie Puryear Bass
Rave Tesar Additional piano/keyboard parts on The Plight of Lady Oona and various parts on
other tracks, as well as spoken voice on The Revealing Light
Kendall Scott Piano, synth solo on Gravity, keyboards on The Plight of Lady Oona
Pieter van Hoorn Drums on Gravity, Stars Fall Down, Standing in the Rain, and The Revealing Light
Michael Frasche Drums on The Plight of Lady Oona
Annie Haslam Special guest vocalist on The Plight of Lady Oona

TRACKS:  1. Gravity (7:04) 2. Stars Fall Down (5:24) 3. The Plight of Lady Oona (13:49)
4. Standing in the Rain (4:53) 5. Memoires (4:56) 6. The Revealing Light (8:18)
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