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It Bites Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 05 June 2014
Prog Splash cancelled after It Bites pull out ......  a word of warning to all keyboard players Holmfirth event called off after John Beck loses 30 years of keyboard sounds

The Prog Splash one-day festival in Holmfirth has been called off after headliners It Bites pulled out at short notice as a result of equipment issues.

Keyboardist John Beck lost 30 years of sound programs after a memory card failure – and there isn't time to address the problem before Saturday's event.

As a result, those who purchased tickets are advised to consult with their original vendor over refunds.

It Bites say in a statement: "Due to a card malfunction John's entire catalogue of programming has been lost.

"Under normal circumstances John would have worked day and night to reprogram, but with him committed to other projects this week the task has proved impossible. Rather than put on a substandard show the band have taken the difficult decision to cancel.

"It Bites realise this impacts on both their fans and other bands on the bill, and sincerely apologise to all."

Fish, who recently added Beck to his touring band lineup, reports: "When John arrived at the studio he told me he'd had a major problem with software, and when he'd gone to switch sound cards, the one containing all his It Bites sounds was wiped.

"He was genuinely distraught and told me it would take weeks to sort out. It's every modern musician's nightmare – and a reminder to back up backups in an age where we're more reliant on software to enhance and create our sounds on stage."

Prog Splash was also to feature appearances by Mostly Autumn, Mr So & So, Gilmore Trail and others.
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