• artw : we don't have a sun anymore nwrt
  • progdirjim : the sun yy.fvl.e.jrfbf
  • progdirjim : Morningebf gbrafZ
  • artw : Swedish PvtixneCbrre! byff
  • artw : Good Morning !
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  • mariocc : good moevabavnft zt
  • nicola : Good Morning &nbs;yoc_y&;cN braf& agbv&f;gtyZ;)(
  • progdirjim : that's a lot pressure on me fw=/_rrrev"vbzbeb_>aabnaby."fk/yfgt"qnefrh rev
  • Seikila : very yrjy
  • Seikila : sleep muy bien fb=gw_f ygzr_sof"aze"
  • progdirjim : hasta mannzn a!tnnv
  • Seikila : hasta tu marbAs )febav,lf (nhaz gbnb
  • Seikila : nite y kalinikta, still nore vz tr,rbrtvrvnenyabyhe' c yza fvftfa gze u b ugtauvgrsvha je b
  • Seikila : keeping listening until close eyesr=vvbprozf ef
  • Seikila : Jim, a little tqbvrefae rtnyrpnsvbyzau en vyergc
  • Seikila : but i qfvzfr
  • Seikila : ohh, i donbbbnrfrzg' pv afqrg
  • Seikila : no, r/vran/gzkos"e_yb0bf"=v g"b
  • Seikila : missed it zh j"bfjqwvvefebry/
  • Seikila : wifi vtann
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    Home arrow News arrow Music News arrow Big Big Train
    Big Big Train Print E-mail
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Thursday, 24 July 2014

    Big Big Train has been nominated in the Anthem category of the 2014 Progressive Music Awards which will be held in September at the Globe Theatre. Listeners can vote for their choice of Anthem and for their favourites in the other categories online at: http://awards.progmagazine.com/


    The band are spending a week at Real World studios in August 2014 where they will be rehearsing for live shows and filming performances of a number of songs for release on DVD and Blu-Ray. The band will be joined by Rikard Sjöblom of Beardfish who will be assisting with guitar and keyboards. Live shows will follow in 2015 and an announcement about the dates will be made in the autumn.

    Some short films of the bands preparations and rehearsals for the Real World sessions are now online at: https://www.youtube.com/user/EngElecRecordings


    Big Big Train has been working on a number of new songs and it is expected that a new album will be released in 2015. Work also continues on the Station Masters retrospective collection.


    English Electric Part One and Part Two are both available as double LP’s on 180gm vinyl.
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