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Sylvan Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 18 October 2015
German dates
Slyvan would like to remind you of our forthcoming HOME TOUR.

On the following concerts you can listen up close to our newest concept album in its entirety!

20th of November 2015
„Das Rind“
Rüsselsheim/Frankfurt, Germany
Tickets at: http://www.dasrind.de/vorverkauf.html

21st of November 2015
„Le Zèbre de Belleville"
Paris, France
Tickets at: https://www.sylvan.de/shop oder http://www.fnacspectacles.com

12th of December 2015
Uden, Netherlands
Tickets at: http://www.livepul.com/tickets/

13th of December 2015
"Mini Z7“
Pratteln, Suisse
Tickets at: http://www.z-7.ch

14th of December 2015
Munich, Germany
Tickets at: http://www.backstage.eu

18th of December 2015
„Zentrum Altenberg“
Oberhausen, Germany
Tickets at: http://www.zentrumaltenberg.de

19th of December 2015
Sylvan’s Christmas Concert at „Terrace Hill“
Hamburg, Germany
Tickets at: https://www.sylvan.de/shop

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