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Jan Schelhaas Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 11 December 2016
Jan Schelhaas has launched his new album "Living on a Little Blue Dot" Living on a Little Blue Dot
On February 14 1990 , at the request of astronomer and author Carl Sagan,the Voyager 1 space probe was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around to take one last photograph of Earth before leaving the solar system.
The resulting image taken from a distance of 3.7 billion miles shows the Earth's apparent size as less than a pixel, a pale blue dot set against the vastness of space.the only home we have ever known or ever will know yet nearly 3 decades later we still seem intent on risking eviction.
While this album may not change anything, I hope, as do all who contribute to it, that, as inspirations go, this is as good a starting point as any.
Musicians involved so far include (in alphabetical order) ;
Doug Boyle ...............lead guitar
Neil Ford....................rhythm & slide guitar
Jimmy Hastings...........sax flute
Pye Hastings............ rhythm guitar and b/vocals
Andy Latimer............ lead guitar
Jan Schelhaas............to blame for keys & everything else
Here is a rough mix 3min 40 clip of the title track to give you a taste for getting involved in producing something we can all say we had hand in.
There are 10 tracks either complete or near completion on this album which has been eight years in the making.
Release date March 2017
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