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Tangerine Dream Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 11 December 2016

Many of you have already watched the new Tangerine Dream documentary "Sounds from another World" on ARTE TV on 25th November. The response so far has been overwhelming, predominantly positive and many of you got 'goosebumps' seeing a very young Edgar and other band members at that time. Even people who didn’t know much about Tangerine Dream commented that the documentary was very exciting for them as they didn't know anything about the historical/cultural meaning of electronic music and the band's strong input. They expressed astonishment about the revolution of sound in the sixties & seventies, which they weren't aware of. We think, a documentary about Tangerine Dream was long overdue and it can contribute to the fact, that young people will receive further information about that revolutionary time.

Of course we know that the documentary is way too short (TV format), that's why we plan to release a longer version in spring 2017 (DVD format with English subtitles at least or even dubbed). Your crowdfunding contributions & support will be a good investment in a piece of contemporary history.

Thanks to the director, Margarete Kreuzer, and Bianca Froese-Acquaye who both were attracted to the idea of creating a film about Tangerine Dream and who worked closely for its realization. Margarete met Edgar in 2013 for the first time and they got along with each other very well. Edgar was convinced by Margarete's previous work and agreed instantly to the proposed documentary on TD. We think he would have been pleased with the result.

Those who missed the film on TV can watch it for another 25 days in the ARTE library (in German or French):

GERMAN version: http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/056763-000-A/tangerine-dream?country=AA

FRENCH version: http://www.arte.tv/guide/fr/056763-000-A/tangerine-dream


We are very happy to release the third EP from THE QUANTUM YEARS (after MALA KUNIA and QUANTUM KEY) and this time it will be a DOUBLE EP called PARTICLES.

(EP or "CUPDISC" as Edgar once named it because he associated the playing time of this music CD format with enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere while listening to the music...:-))

On PARTICLES you can hear varied live & studio material and it also includes a cover version of the STRANGER THINGS - MAIN THEME, which has already received huge attention by the media. (See link in our shop.)

PARTICLES (2CD/EP) can be ordered in our EASTGATE shop, please see more information on this cupdisc here: https://www.ssl-id.de/edgarfroese.de/shop/products.php?p=8a551f

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