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Rock au Château Print E-mail
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 23 December 2016
French festival  Rock au Château in August.......

Rock au chateau
Saturday, August 5
From 10.30 pm to 0.30 am

Magma is a musical group founded by composer-drummer-singer Christian Vander. This formation is at the origin of the musical genre baptized Zeuhl, mixing rock, jazz, avant-garde and choral singing.
For sure ! A highlight of this 2017 edition!


From 9pm to 10pm

In a few years this group has become one of the best ambassadors of French prog rock.
LAZULI, it is a particular universe of incomparable richness, to receive them at the "Rock to the Castle" was an obvious and undoubtedly, their performance will remain one of the highlights of this edition.

Light Damage
From 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

In the pure tradition of a prog rock incarnated by prestigious bands such as Genesis, Marillion etc., this Luxembourg band is undoubtedly in full ascension. What could be more natural than having chosen them at the opening of this third year of the "Rock au Château" festival.
Not to be missed !

Children in paradise

 From 6pm to 7pm
Spearhead of the French neo prog, CHILDREN IN PARADISE offers us a universe loaded with legends that can find better place better than facing the castle.
Come many discover them because this band from Brittany has not finished talking about it, both by the quality of its music and the magic that ensues.

Sunday, August 6

From 10.30pm to 0.30am
To close this edition 2017, what to dream of better than to find this mythical group, rock pillar of Canterburry. CARAVAN is the assurance of a unique moment where quality, emotion, virtuosity will be at the rendezvous!
Simply a summit of pleasure awaits us with this final. The castle will not recover!

People of the Moon

From 9pm to 10pm
For its 11th year of existence, the Selenites Francs-Comtois will be happy to distill us a prog rock in color. The opportunity also for them to offer us in exclusivity one or two titles of their next opus. A great lunar trip in a sublime setting!
Can we dream better?

Tristan Decamps

From 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Current keyboard of ANGE, TRISTAN in solo, it is a debauchery of emotions served by a voice of exception. Undoubtedly, a great journey in a world of poetry that magically will enchant us. Chills assured!

The Fabbrica dell 'assoluto

From 6pm to 7pm
At the "Rock at the Castle" 2016 we were charmed by the performance of LOGOS of which this transalpine group was one of the revelations ... We put the cover with LA FABBRICA DELL'ASSOLUTO who comes to propose us a prog rock bubbling melodies Sunny!

Fun in the pure state ... Another great moment to not to miss!
Rock au Château - Look them up on Facebook or website https://www.rockauchateau.fr/ for details

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