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Gordon Giltrap UK dates Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 August 2006

 Gordon Giltraps dates for UK

 Details to be found at   http://www.giltrap.co.uk/Gigdate_1.htm

 Dates on the flip...

19-Aug-06 The Railway Inn,  Saddleworth, - 08.45
24-Aug-06 St Paul's Gallery launch of the fine art lithograph of the Fear of the Dark Cover, Birmingham - Evening starts 6.00pm,
26-Aug-06 West India House Music Day, , Bridgewater -  Gordon plays 7pm - 9pm
06-Sep-06 International Study Centre, Canterbury Cathedral, - 7.45pm Charity concert.
09-Sep-06 Edwardian Steamer, Kingswear Castle, Chatham - Board by 7.30
13-Sep-06 Rye Festival, - 8.00pm
15-Sep-06 The Met Arts Centre, Bury - 8.00pm
20-Sep-06 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth TWorkshop 5-6pm 9.00pm concert second half
21-Sep-06 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth - Workshop 5-6pm 9.00pm concert second half
22-Sep-06 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth - Workshop 5-6pm 9.00pm concert second half
23-Sep-06 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth - Workshop 5-6pm 9.00pm concert second half
24-Sep-06 The Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Perth - Workshop 5-6pm 9.00pm concert second half
25-Sep-06 New Winton Village Hall, E Lothian - 7.30pm
30-Sep-06 Fulston Manor,  Sittingbourne, Kent - 7.45pm DOUBLE VISION concert
06-Oct-06 The Studio, Tower Street, Hartlepool, - 8.45pm
07-Oct-06 Witham Village Hall,  Lincs - 7.30
13-Oct-06 Liss Village Hall, Hampshire - Details to follow
14-Oct-06 Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire, - 7.30
17-Oct-06 The Rose Theatre, , Kidderminster -
19-Oct-06 Addington Village Hall,  Kent -
20-Oct-06 Horton Kirby Village Hall, Kent -
21-Oct-06 Coxheath Village Hall,  Kent -
22-Oct-06 Brenchley Village Hall,  Kent - NOTE 2.00pn START
28-Oct-06 Hadlow Village Hall, Kent -
10-Nov-06 Bramdean Village Hall, Hampshire - Details to follow
11-Nov-06 Beech Village Hall, Hampshire, - Details to follow
02-Dec-06 Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham -
13-Dec-06 Bramhall Hall,  Stockport, - 8.00pm
13-Jan-07 Central Studio, Queen Mary's College,  Basingstoke, - 8.00pm
19-Jan-07 The Quay Theatre, ,Sudbury, -
12-Feb-07 Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester - 8.00 (with support)
16-Feb-07 Sunset Suite, Carlisle United Football Club - 8.00pm
17-Feb-07 Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, West Yorkshire, - 8.00pm
24-Feb-07 Sandford Parish Hall,  Crediton, - 9.00 TBC
01-Mar-07 Rothbury Roots, Rothbury, Northumberland - Details to Follow
02-Mar-07 Hexagon Theatre,  Acklam, Middllesborough - Details to follow
03-Mar-07 Fraser Centre, Milngavie, Glasgow - Details to Follow
10-Mar-07 Playhouse 2, Shaw, Lancs - 8.00pm
24-Apr-07 Pokey Hole Folk Club, Netherseal, Swadlincote -
08-Jun-07 The Carnival, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincs - 8.00pm
Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 August 2006 )
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