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Home arrow News arrow Music News arrow Braszilian Thessera signed to Progrock records
Braszilian Thessera signed to Progrock records Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 August 2006


 Brazilian Prog Metal band Thessera  has just signed to the North American label ProgRock Records, well-known for releasing and discovering talents such as Frameshift, Chain, Oliver Wakeman, and Guy Manning (The Tangent).

Three songs from the Brazilians' debut album Fooled Eyes are available in their complete versions at Thessera's Official MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/thessera

Thessera was formed in the early days of 2003, with the idea of playing Prog Metal with Brazilian rhythms and elements from different music styles such as fusion, and blues.

The band is composed of Marcelo Quina (voice), Nando Costa (guitar), Raphael Lamim (guitar), Marcelo Mattos (bass), Rodolfo Amaro (keyboards) and Fernando Cerutti (drums), and has been performing live in a number of shows, taking part in festivals, workshops and cultural events, and having played as an opening act for Angra in September 2004.

Fooled Eyes tells the story of young artist, Andrew Hesser, who finds himself in the most fulfilling moment of his life: the celebration of his engagement to Jeanne Seamus. During the engagement party, he starts to feel sick and faints before a friend. He then starts a journey throughout his unconscious mind, traveling across a real gallery of memories. There, Andrew recalls the family conflicts of his childhood, his dreams, disappointments, and his love for Jeanne. Hours later, at home, Andrew is awakened by his friend. Impressed by the dream he just had, Andrew answers a phone call, only to find that this is where the real nightmare begins...

[Source: Thessera]

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