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Chick Corea US dates
Latest News - Concert News
Written by RogorMortis   
Wednesday, 27 December 2006
 Corea, Chick
1/26/07        Storrs, Connecticut, USA                Jorgensen Ctr. For Performing Arts           
1/27/07        Storrs, Connecticut, USA                Jorgensen Ctr. For Performing Arts           
2/9/07          Princeton, New Jersey, USA           McCarter Theatre         
2/10/07        Stony Brook, New York, USA        Staller Center           
2/21/07        Columbus, Georgia, USA               RiverCenter Performing Arts           
2/23/07        Atlanta, Georgia, USA                    Robert Ferst Center For The Arts           
2/24/07        Birmingham, Alabama, USA           Alys Stephens Center @ UAB           
2/26/07        New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA        Zeiterion Theatre           
2/28/07        Richmond, Virginia, USA               Modlin Center For The Arts           
3/1/07         East Lansing, Michigan, USA          Wharton Center           
3/3/07         Washington, D.C., USA                 Warner Theatre           
3/4/07         Gainesville, Florida, USA                Phillips Center For The Perf. Arts          
4/5/07         Champaign, Illinois, USA                University Of Illinois          
4/6/07         Detroit, Michigan, USA                   Music Hall Center          
Strawbs Canada
Latest News - Concert News
Written by RogorMortis   
Wednesday, 27 December 2006

7/1/07        Canso, Nova Scotia , Canada        Stan Rogers Folk Festival  
7/2/07        Canso, Nova Scotia , Canada        Stan Rogers Folk Festival  
7/3/07        Toronto , Canada                         Hugh's Room         
7/4/07        Toronto , Canada                         Hugh's Room         
7/5/07        Kitchener , Canada                        Centre in the Square   
Blind Ego
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Tuesday, 26 December 2006
RPWL's Kalle Wallner has just finished his solo-album Mirror under the project name Blind Ego (see also news week 47. Release date is scheduled for 27th January and the Blind Ego will tour in the Spring.
There will be a cd release party on 27th January at the Lindenkeller venue in Freising, Germany. Many guests on the album will be part of the line-up: John Jowitt/bass (IQ, Jadis, Frost, etc.), John Mitchell/vocals (Kino, Arena, It Bites), Paul Wrightson/vocals (ex-Arena) und Tommy Eberhardt/drums (Legacy, etc.) and RPWL will perform a special set. Tickets are available from www.muenchenticket.de!

BLIND EGO: "Mirror"

Since the mid 80´s the progressive rock scene has started to flourish again all over Europe.In the process, bands who use their creativity for new branches rather than stick to theroots of the genre are a joy to listen to. The band RPWL from Freising, Germany withalready five successful records released is outstanding in the music scene. Guitarist Karlheinz "Kalle" Wallner contributes a major part of the quartet´s sound. On the occasionof his solo–project BLIND EGO he took a closer look in the mirror to reflect on a number oftouching, very personal experiences. The "Mirror" answered back ten times in a wonderful way… ."The `Mirror`- Songs derive from different phases in the last three years", says Kalle Wallner."During this time a lot happened in my personal life. Although I originally didn´t plan on using autobiographical issues it did happen in the end. The songs are a result of different emotions:anger, hate, grief. While writing I sort of stripped down to the bottom of my soul and tried toconvert all of this into intense music."
This explains one part of the project´s name "EGO", but why "BLIND"? "´BLIND´ stands for initiating and finishing this project on my own without letting myself be distracted from anything. In addition, working alone makes you blind in a way because influences from the outside don´t have to be taken into consideration at first." Wallner produced demo tapes and invited variousrenowned musicians to the Farmlands studio, which he and his colleague Yogi Lang from RPWLrun together, to help him give his work a perfect finish. "I had already asked John Jowitt (Bass/IQ, JADIS) at the German ECLIPSED-festival and kept in touch with him ever since. Heestablished the contact with Paul Wrightson (ex-ARENA) who sings the stately, rather emotionaltracks. John Mitchell (ARENA, IT BITES, KINO) has impressed me for a long time as a singer and I was sure that he was the right person for the more rock-like songs. Tommy Eberhardt I know tobe one of the best drummers In South Germany. I was very glad about Clive Nolan (ARENA,PENDRAGON) not only recording Paul Wrightsons vocals but also contributing backing vocals himself. It was clear from the beginning that I wanted to work with Yogi Lang as a producer. Weknow each other very well and each knows how to get the best out of the other."Mission accomplished. "Mirror" is full of a devotion which has no match yet. BLIND EGO sounds like a straighter version of RPWL with more guitars. Even if Wallner never uses captivating solosto push these to the forefront and gives the record great elegian moments which are to beenjoyed. The guitar-vocal ballad "Black Despair" ("The saddest song I ever wrote") perfectly offers a combination of both while Wallner´s creative solo makes you go all goose-pimply. Asimilar sensation arises with "Don´t Ask Me Why" which Is radiant thanks to a strong guitarmotive but mainly because of the perfect harmony of vocals and guitar and which shows Wallners versatility. More rock-like, partly just instrumental are the songs "Obsession", "OpenSore" and "Moorland" with a 5/8 beat.All this should be to the taste of the RPWL fans because the guitarist never denies his band membership. He will be loved for the two longtracks on "Mirror". The title track ("One seesoneself in the mirror but doesn´t recognize oneself") could hardly find a better way to describethe inner conflict during self-reflection than its tricky combination of 5/8 and 4/4 beats.
And the most complex track of the record which is provided with the most keyboards "Forbidden To Remain" ("…for which there was no sufficient time In `Trying To Kiss The Sun`") convinceswith a disturbing 13/8 beat motive, a concert-like psychedelic middle part and one of the mostbeautiful guitar solos since Floyd´s "Comfortably Numb". At this point, at the latest, even the last
person should realise that Kalle Wallner is one of the greatest guitarists in the genre.
As a bonus track on "Mirror" one will find a remix of "Artist Manque" which is a track by the precursor band of RPWL "VIOLET DISTRICT". "This band was, back then, the crucial factor for mydecision to become a professional musician". A wise decision.

Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 24 December 2006
SBB comes back with a great treat for the fans of ambitious rock - a DVD with archival recording of a 1979 gig at Sala Kongresowa in Warsaw! The release offers 85 minutes of SBB's distinctive progressive rock, "in which one can hear influences of classical music as well as jazz-rock instrumental frenzy." Enjoy this great musical treat delivered by the jazz/prog rock giants at a most significant point in SBB's history, filmed shortly before the release of their legendary album Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem.
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