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  • progdirjim : heh
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    The Beatles "Love"
    Latest News - Music News
    Thursday, 19 October 2006
    Apple Corps Ltd/Capitol Records proudly announces the release of LOVE, the new CD from The Beatles, due November 2006. After being asked by the remaining Beatles, Ringo and Paul along with Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison, to make experimental mixes from the original master tapes for a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, Sir George Martin, The Beatles legendary producer, and his son Giles Martin have been working with the entire archive of Beatles recordings to create LOVE. The result is an unprecedented approach to the music. Using the master tapes at EMI's Abbey Road Studios, Sir George and Giles have created a unique soundscape. The release of this album, which is also featured in the Cirque Du Soleil/Beatles collaborative production of the same name at the Mirage in Las Vegas, has been much anticipated.

    "This music was designed for the LOVE show in Las Vegas but in doing so we've created a new Beatles album" said Sir George. "The Beatles always looked for other ways of expressing themselves and this is another step forward for them."

    Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 October 2006 )
    New Syn CD with Squire - update
    Latest News - Music News
    Friday, 20 October 2006

     Chris issued the following statement for his fans:
    "I want my fans and other interested consumers to know that I am strongly discouraging them from purchasing the new Syn album 'Armistice Day'. I ask that this release not be purchased because there have been no written permission by myself, and allegedly any of the musicians involved in the project."

    SYN: ARMISTICE DAY (2006 Studio Album)
    'Armistice Day' from the legendary Syn features Yes bassist Chris Squire, original vocalist Steve Nardelli and Yes drummer Alan White, joined by world-renowned musicians Shane Theriot and Gerard Johnson. This album is the follow up their critically acclaimed 'Syndestructible' CD and recent world tour. 'Armistice Day' features an amazing mix of studio and 'live' acoustic tracks, from the haunting 'Silent Revolution' to the title track. The album also includes a 'live' acoustic version of their classic masterpiece: 'Cathedral Of Love', recorded on January 10th, 2006 at XM Radio Studios in Washington DC & with its central theme of peace & understanding, and is released to coincide with Armistice Day.

    Due for release on 06/11/2006

    Track List
    Armistice Day
    Silent Revolution
    Cathedral of Love
    21st Century
    Golden Age
    Some Time, Some Way
    Reach Outro

    Last Updated ( Friday, 20 October 2006 )
    Pip Pyle tribute at Gong Uncon
    Latest News - Concert News
    Tuesday, 17 October 2006
    As earlier reported Legendary psychedelic band “Gong”  will be holding their “2006 “Gong Family Un-Convention” at the famous De Melkweg in Amsterdam on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This will be the only appearance by Gong in 2006. To provide superb value for money the event will offer over seven hours of live performance on each of its three days plus a number of yet to be confirmed surprises and extras.

    One of the Gong members has come with the following annoncement as part of the tribute to Pip Pyle who died suddenly last month.

    For Pip's tribute we would like all who want to be there (in the Old Hall, on the Saturday, time To Be Announced...) to bring a percussion instrument large or small with them to the UnCon and join in a giant percussion jam with hopefully three drum kits and numerous drummers and other instrumentalists indispersed with hilarious road stories starring Monsieur Pyle, and featuring several tunes composed by Pip and played by Didier and others.

    Lets make it a right royal blast-off for the much loved wild man of Gong!

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 October 2006 )
    Latest News - Music News
    Tuesday, 17 October 2006
    Since bursting onto the world stage with John Lennon in the Plastic Ono Band at the "Give Peace a Chance" tour in Toronto, Alan White has developed a reputation as a musical innovator, both in his role as Yes drummer, and as a collaborator with the likes of George Harrison and Joe Cocker. As an important contributing songwriter, Alan has helped take Yes to great heights with radio hits such as 'Owner of a Lonely Heart,' 'Changes,' 'Love Will Find a Way,' 'The Rhythm of Love,' 'Wondrous Stories,' 'Tempus Fugit,' 'Leave It,' 'The Calling', and 'In the Presence Of.'

    His latest musical project is the group White, a brand-new vehicle for cutting-edge, progressive modern music performed with a world-class band. Kevin Currie provides soulful, touching lyrics delivered with the gravitas of Peter Gabriel and Don Henley; Steve Boyce holds down the bottom end with a dance-inducing groove and soaring vocal support; Karl Haug truly is a master guitarist, equally comfortable on delicate acoustic, driving electric and searing electric laptop slide; Geoff Downes, founding member of the Buggles & Asia (as well as time in Yes ), ties the resulting soundscape together with punchy Hammond organ work, exhilarating orchestrations, and scorching solos.

    The bands first CD is about to be released on November 3rd in UK    see below............

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 October 2006 )
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