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Hawkwind for NearFest 2007
Latest News - Concert News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 15 December 2006

NEARfest is very excited to announce the legendary British space rock collective Hawkwind as our first headline act for our ninth annual festival. Led by guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Dave Brock, Hawkwind has earned world-wide renown for their 36-year musical mission to explore inner and outer space. From their genre-defining classic albums "Space Ritual", "Hall of the Mountain Grill", and "Warrior at the Edge of Time" to their brand new recording "Take Me to Your Leader", the band has coursed through the cosmos with their progressive hard rock guitar and keyboard-led attack, sci-fi themed lyrics, and memorable songs.

Hawkwind has always shined most in a live setting through the decades, with improvisatory excursions intermingling with visual imagery and interpretive dancing to provide immersive multi-media sensory experiences for audiences around the world. Be sure not to miss this rare Stateside landing of spaceship Hawkwind on the Saturday slate at NEARfest 2007!

(*pending expected visa approval by the end of 2006)

MP3 downloads will be available on the NEARfest website in the near future.

Rush update
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 15 December 2006
RUSH drummer Neil Peart has posted a lengthy new update on his official web site. An excerpt follows:

"Exactly one year ago (to recap a story begun in earlier reports), my bandmates and I started talking about working on some new songs. Alex and Geddy got together in Geddy's home studio in Toronto and simply played, letting the new ideas flow out unguided and unedited, while 3000 miles away in California, I began drafting some lyrics and sending them up.
"In March, the three of us met at my house in Quebec, and Alex and Geddy played me the six songs they had been working on. All of us felt very positive about their direction, and agreed that we needed to spend some time working together. In May we moved into a small Toronto studio, and started refining those songs and writing a few others.

"As previously reported, in June I recorded three songs in Los Angeles with my friend Matt Scannell, and for me as a drummer, that was a challenging and inspiring experience. Also, the new set of purpose-built 'recording' drums that my friends at Drum Workshop put together for me, which were intended to be used on Matt's project and become my 'West Coast kit,' sounded so good that I had them sent straight east, to use on the new RUSH album.

"Later that month, I also fulfilled a longtime challenge as a motorcyclist, doing a 'Thousand-in-One' — 1000 miles in one day — in the course of riding my R1200GS from Los Angeles to Quebec, 3000 miles, in four days. (Yes, I was in a hurry!)

"Though obviously no leisure tour, it was still a powerful traveling experience, giving me what felt like a 'snapshot panorama' of a wide swath of North America — California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec — in such a brief time.

"And even on that express route, mainly keeping to the 'mileage disposal units' of the interstates, and even in the fierce heat of early summer in the desert Southwest, there were still hours of sublime beauty: the Mojave Desert (always), I-70 through Utah and Colorado (perhaps the most scenic stretch of interstate in the country), and even the Great Plains. Unlike some travelers, I never find that part of the country boring. The highways are flat and straight, sure, but those endless green farmlands all around make a nice kind of 'intermission' in a transcontinental roadshow, opening with the deserts and mountains of the West, and closing with the forests and rocky bluffs of upper Michigan and northern Ontario. On a journey like that, the prairies were a welcome pastoral interlude."
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 15 December 2006

Good reviews throughout for the latest album “Silence”, and in their home country Sweden an even more than remarkable chart success, reaching number 4: A.C.T remain on the fast lane – InsideOut Music ist going to re-release their long-players “Imaginary Friends”, “Last Epic” and “Today’s Report” as special editions in spring. www.actworld.nu

Pure Reason Revolution
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 15 December 2006

Somehow one gets the feeling that this sound comes from far away – from somewhere outside, not from this world,“ reads one entry regarding PURE REASON REVOLUTION in the forum of the German “Rolling Stone“. “The Dark Third“, the debut album of this young new artrock band came out in their home country Great Britain and in the US a few months ago. For the rest of the world the rights were secured by InsideOut Music. On our label the record “The Dark Third“ will be released in mid of February featuring a bonus disc. Together with Blackfield, Pure Reason Revolution will tour Europe in February and March.


16.02.: UK-London/Mean Fiddler
17.02.: NL-Helmond/Plato
18.02.: B-Vosselaar/Biebob
20.02.: D-Hamburg/Knust
21.02.: D-Berlin/Kato
22.02.: PO-Warsaw/Proxima Club
24.02.: CH-Pratteln/Z7
25.02.: I-Milan/Alcatraz
26.02.: D-Bochum/Matrix
27.02.: F-Paris/Café de la Danse
28.02.: NL-Zoetermeer/Boerderij
03.03.: GRE-Athens/Fuzz Club
04.03.: GRE-Salonica/Mylos Club


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