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Little Atlas
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 24 December 2006
Little Atlas is in the latter stages of completing their upcoming album, Hollow. A concept album, Hollow details the lives of eight individuals, linked together by themes of alienation and loss. Tracks unfold as character studies told through a first person narrative. The music continues to develop the "Little Atlas sound," honed on Wanderlust, but with more of an emphasis on studio production as a tool to enhance the storytelling. As with Wanderlust, the new album is a fully co-written enterprise reflecting the collective influences and vision of Katsikas, Pocovi, Strattman, and Bigai.
Alan Parsons in double ?
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Saturday, 23 December 2006
A man claiming to be the co-founder of '70s and '80s pop group the Alan Parsons Project has landed in jail -- again -- after attempting to bilk several Troutdale residents, police said.

Sgt. Marc Shrake, spokesman for the Troutdale Police Department, said 55-year-old transient Michael D. Rodgers was arrested Tuesday on accusations of identity theft for allegedly impersonating musician Eric Woolfson.

The 61-year-old Woolfson -- who at 6-foot-6 is considerably taller than the 6-foot Rodgers -- was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to London when he was 18. According to his Web site, he worked in the early 1960s as a session musician and songwriter, penning songs for singer Marianne Faithfull. In 1975, he formed the Alan Parsons Project with Parsons, the well-known producer of albums for the Beatles and Pink Floyd. The 10 albums they made together sold 45 million copies.
Shrake said Rodgers admitted using Woolfson's name for the past 20 years.

An alert posted on Woolfson's Web site warns people that someone has been impersonating the musician and that "the individual is extremely pleasant and we suspect that his objective may be to obtain money by deception."

Most recently, police said, Rodgers claimed to be Woolfson and said he was traveling through town as part of Lyle Lovett's band, which performed July 9 at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale.

According to investigators, Rodgers offered several people new cars if they agreed to pay the luxury tax.

"He told them he would fly them to a place on his private jet so they could pick up the cars," Shrake said.

Police also suspect Rodgers of making written offers on $1 million properties to local real estate agents.

Shrake said nobody in Troutdale took the bait or lost any money.

"He comes across as very quiet and sincere and sort of looks like a musician might look," Shrake said. "He told us he's been using Woolfson's name for 20 years . . . said he had to make a living somehow."

Rodgers was arrested for using a fake driver's license in Portland on July 17 but released from the Justice Center jail five days later because of overcrowding. He was released from a Nevada prison late last year, Shrake said.

Rodgers was re-booked into the Justice Center jail Tuesday in lieu of $5,000 bail.

Anyone who suspects being a victim is asked to call Troutdale Police Detective Dave Licht at 503-665-6129.

Stuart Tomlinson: 503-294-5940; stuarttomlinson@news.oregonian.com
Arena update
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Saturday, 23 December 2006
Writing on the seventh Arena album has tentatively begun. Clive comments: 'It's a slow process, but it has started. I've got a handful of ideas, and we'll be meeting up soon for a writing session. We're not in a hurry for this seventh studio album... we'll just see how it goes.'

To commemorate their tenth anniversary, Arena have released a best of album entitled ‘Ten Years On’. It features new artwork by David Wyatt, liner notes with an overview of ten years of Arena and contains the following tracks:

01: Smoke and Mirrors
02: Skin Game
03: Hanging Tree
04: Butterfly Man
05: Chosen (live)
06: Empire Of A Thousand Days (vocals Rob)
07: Crack In The Ice
08: Salamander
09: Bedlam Fayre
10: Solomon

Meanwhile, there’s all sorts of other activity. John Mitchell has joined the reunited band It Bites (http://www.itbites.com/) and before that the new prog sensation Frost* (http://www.frost-music.com/, sadly already disbanded). Clive has joined forces with Polish vocalist Agneiszka Swita. Under the name Caamora they are working on the rock opera ‘She’, which will be released in 2007. An EP, entitled ‘Closer’, has been released as a taster and is available at their website (http://www.caamora.net). Several (ex-)Arena members are contributing to Kalle Wallner’s (RPWL) project Blind Ego: John, Clive, John Jowitt and Paul Wrightson (http://www.blind-ego.com). Last but not least Mick will be entering the stage on January 27th (at Riff’s Bar in Swindon, UK, http://www.riffsbar.biz) to perform Marillion’s debut album Script For A Jester’s Tear in its entirety. He will be accompanied by Nick Barrett (Pendragon) on guitar, Ian Salmon on bass, Mike Varty (Credo, Landmarq) on keyboards and John Dexter Jones (Jump) on vocals. At the moment it is not clear whether it’s a one-off or whether there will be more gigs to come.

Alan Holdsworth
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Saturday, 23 December 2006
Alan Pasqua, Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Haslip, and Allan Holdsworth have just finished recording a live DVD at Yoshi's nightclub in Oakland, CA. Featured songs on the recording include tunes from the new Tony Williams Lifetime days as well as additional new group material. Look for an early 2007 release by Altitude Digital, linked to each musician's website. This same lineup of musicians will also be touring Europe some time in early May 2007. Dates and venues are still in the works.

Allan's trio consisting of bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Chad Wackerman will embark on a lengthy tour of the NE United States in March 2007. Dates and venues TBA.

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