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Steve Rothery project
Latest News - Music News
Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Marillion's guitarist Steve Rothery has a side project running and the first results of this "The Wishing Tree Band" can be heard and seen on the bands webspace:



Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 August 2006 )
New Focus - New Skin
Latest News - Music News
Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Soon the new album of Focus will be released. The band is very excited about the new songs and can’t hardly wait to surprise the fans with this new material.  

After an initial careful comeback which resulted in a well received album “Focus 8”, the band are now back on the frontline, with a fantastic line-up!
Of course the founder member and musical genius Thijs van Leer is still holding the fort. Also back in his old spot is Pierre van der Linden, the drummer who is internationally renowned for his rhythmic skills, and who was a defining factor in the whole Focus sound. Together with Bobby Jacobs who stems from a well acclaimed Dutch jazz family, they are responsible for the rhythm section and that unmistakable Focus groove. The talented Niels van der Steenhoven, who without any shadow of a doubt can hit the mark when it comes to the guitar completes the band’s line-up.

A new Focus era has arrived. There is a rejuvenated passion in the new compositions, that adorn the new album “New Skin”, which gets a worldwide release in September 2006. During the concert loyal fans will hear once again all the classic Focus tunes and they will be surprised at the strength and depth of the new material. “Our music is evolution, not revolution”, Thijs van Leer once said about the music of Focus. Well now, the evolution is at full pace.

Thijs van Leer – Hammond-orgel, flute & vocals
Niels van der Steenhoven – guitar
Bobby Jacobs – bass
Pierre van der Linden - drums

With the new album Focus 9/New Skin the band proves that this new line-up sounds better then ever and establishes once and for all that Focus is alive and kicking.

To strengthen the bonds with the fans, Focus offers a very limited number of fans the oppertunity to order a pre-release and  autographed cd. which as yet will be released in the Benelux

NEW SKIN tour dates Holland below 


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 August 2006 )
Rocket Scientists new 2CD
Latest News - Music News
Wednesday, 23 August 2006

"Revolution Road" is the fourth studio album from noted American prog rockers

 Acclaimed American progressive rock legends Rocket Scientists have returned to the studio after an 8 year hiatus and are proud to announce the forthcoming release of their new epic double album, "Revolution Road". Combining Rocket Scientists' extraordinary blend of melodic and memorable songwriting with adventurous instrumental fireworks, "Revolution Road" takes the band to new heights of artistic achievement. Founding members Mark McCrite (guitar, vocals), Erik Norlander (keyboards) and Don Schiff (NS/Stick) started writing and demoing songs for the album in 2002 and even played some California concert dates. But following the loss of their drummer, Shaun Guerin, the project was put on hold. The three musicians continued to collaborate on other projects including Lana Lane's "Winter Sessions" and "Lady Macbeth" CDs and Norlander's "Music Machine" concept album. Norlander also produced Don Schiff's remarkable 2005 solo album, "Peering Over Clouds". But following the Lana Lane 10th Anniversary Tour in 2005, McCrite, Norlander and Schiff officially reunited again as Rocket Scientists and began to record this new studio opus.

"Revolution Road" brings two new musicians to the Rocket Scientists universe. Drummer Gregg Bissonette, who previously played on Norlander's "Music Machine" and Lana Lane's "Covers Collection" and "Winter Sessions" CDs, brings his dynamic versatility and technical excellence to the band. South Carolina's David McBee has also been brought in as the second lead vocalist. McBee's powerful hard rock vocal ethic is the perfect contrast to McCrite's smooth and warm vocal stylings. Together, the two vocalists are a formidable pair that take Rocket Scientists to new uncharted worlds. "Revolution Road" is produced by Erik Norlander, and it contains stunning artwork from Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka who painted the cover to the band's last album, "Oblivion Days", Schiff's solo album, "Peering Over Clouds", as well the unforgettable covers that appear on the many famous Lana Lane albums. "Revolution Road" is a new milestone for Rocket Scientists, and it is one that will surely send the band to new altitudes. The album will be released worldwide on September 23, 2006.



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 August 2006 )
Braszilian Thessera signed to Progrock records
Latest News - Music News
Wednesday, 23 August 2006


 Brazilian Prog Metal band Thessera  has just signed to the North American label ProgRock Records, well-known for releasing and discovering talents such as Frameshift, Chain, Oliver Wakeman, and Guy Manning (The Tangent).

Three songs from the Brazilians' debut album Fooled Eyes are available in their complete versions at Thessera's Official MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/thessera

Thessera was formed in the early days of 2003, with the idea of playing Prog Metal with Brazilian rhythms and elements from different music styles such as fusion, and blues.

The band is composed of Marcelo Quina (voice), Nando Costa (guitar), Raphael Lamim (guitar), Marcelo Mattos (bass), Rodolfo Amaro (keyboards) and Fernando Cerutti (drums), and has been performing live in a number of shows, taking part in festivals, workshops and cultural events, and having played as an opening act for Angra in September 2004.

Fooled Eyes tells the story of young artist, Andrew Hesser, who finds himself in the most fulfilling moment of his life: the celebration of his engagement to Jeanne Seamus. During the engagement party, he starts to feel sick and faints before a friend. He then starts a journey throughout his unconscious mind, traveling across a real gallery of memories. There, Andrew recalls the family conflicts of his childhood, his dreams, disappointments, and his love for Jeanne. Hours later, at home, Andrew is awakened by his friend. Impressed by the dream he just had, Andrew answers a phone call, only to find that this is where the real nightmare begins...

[Source: Thessera]

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 August 2006 )
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