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    Thomas Dolby more US Dates
    Latest News - Concert News
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Saturday, 04 November 2006

    An Evening With BT and Thomas Dolby' Dates 2006

    More US Dates - see below: 

    Genesis news conference online
    Latest News - Music News
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Saturday, 04 November 2006

    "Genesis - Tony Banks - Phil Collins - Mike Rutherford"


    Genesis will be holding a press conference at a hotel in London's West End on:                   

    Tuesday, 7th November 2006

    You are invited to view a webcast of the press conference at: http://email.emicatalogue.com/a/tBFS2eOAQUBzgAwPEJaAQk7-w23/link1

    Follow the links on the front page to access the webcast which will commence at 12:00GMT

    Genesis would also like to announce that the band's official online discussions forums are open again.

    Enter the Forums to join the discussion and interest.

    Jerry Goodman in action
    Latest News - Music News
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Saturday, 04 November 2006
         The group Hectic Watermelon is the fresh expression of guitarist-composer, John Czajkowski, and the band’s new album, The Great American Road Trip, is an intensely colorful, and nuanced smorgasbord of “post-Zappa commando-fusion.” Czajkowski formed the power trio with musical partners Darren DeBree and Harley Magsino on drums and bass to deliver an album of new compositions reflecting classic sensibilities while breaking new ground. The legendary fusion pioneer, Jerry Goodman, joins the lineup on electric violin and is featured on 9 of the 11 tracks. Czajkowski adds, “Jerry’s amazing playing added a whole new level of intensity and passion to the album.” Additional guests include Brian Kahanek, Scott Lerner, and Kevin Freeby - who all play on one track each. Experiencing the debut album, The Great American Road Trip, the listener is treated to a nostalgic retrospective that draws from the American jazz-rock tradition of the past four decades with an ambitious new compositional direction. Czajkowski relates, “My aim has been to write and produce an album that has more dimension than a blazing mainstream guitar-oriented album. I wanted to create a rich and artful collection of music that attempts to build bridges between both high- and low-status types of music that I identify with as an American musician and music lover, but which are often at odds with one another amongst artists, listeners and critics.” The resulting album is a palette of deep compositions that draw idioms ranging from classical, jazz and fusion to progressive rock, bluegrass, and metal. Track Listings Track 1. Sacred Watershed Track 2. The Third Derivative of James Brown
    Track 3. Bionic Hillbill
    Track 4. F Street Fulano
    Track 5. Dreams of Concrete Jungle
    Track 6. Subterranean Rapid Transit
    Track 7. Layover in Hamemet
    Track 8. Stray Dogs Messaging Project
    Track 9. Steve's Stunt Double
    Track 10. Twent-first Century Visigoth
    Track 11. Bullets, Dice and 30 Megabytes
    Refugee Live CD
    Latest News - Music News
    Written by RogorMortis   
    Friday, 03 November 2006

    Over the years there have been a few bootlegs flying about but the quality has always been poor. Consequently, the demand for a live album has been strong. Now that demand can be met. High quality tapes of Refugee have been recently unearthed. The material has been digitally enhanced and will be available on CD soon. The project is fully endorsed by the band.

    The concert was recorded at the legendary Newcastle City Hall in 1974.
    Obviously most the material is culled from the studio album - including the magnificent concept piece 'Grand Canyon Suite'. But there's also a few surprises. There are two new Refugee tracks that didn't appear on the album.

    They are 'One Left-Handed Peter Pan' and 'Refugee Jam'. There are also two 'The Nice' classics. The first one is 'The Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon' and 'She Belongs To Me'. The former is a treat for fans of The Nice, as they never played it live.

    Extensive sleeve notes by Nice/ELP author, Martyn Hanson, compliment the package. As do the many previously unseen photos taken at the Newcastle gig.

    It is being put out by the same company that recently released the Refugee studio album:

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