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Yan Hazera has died......
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 16 November 2006
Earlier we published the following news:

...For those who didn't know yet, ZAAR has quit in June 2006, for several reasons. It didn't last long, but we're happy we could at least produce an album that will stand as a testimony of our adventure.
Each musician goes his on way now, and Michael and Yan decided to continue on the same path. They are actually recording an album, on which there will be some pieces initially composed for ZAAR. It is not a band, only a studio project, intitled Akhan Projekt, and the ex-ZAAR came to play on one piece.
Thanks to all those who supported us... Michael Hazera

and now the following was picked up on a French site:

"Our friends and fellow-members of Traverses  published this terrifying news of sadness: “Yan Hazera is prematurely deceased last on November 10. He was the guitarist and principal composer of Sotos and Zaar, two of the most eminent groups of the French adventurous progressive scene, that it had formed with his brother Michael Hazera. Both had started the project to record, with guests, an album with the compositions planned for the second disc of Zaar.  Progressia gives its more sincere condolences to the fami in particular in Michael, well-known of the member of our forum."
Arnold Layne
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 16 November 2006
Save Those Record Tokens For Arnold Layne David Gimour 7" release

Some festive fun is promised in the holiday season with the release of Arnold Layne from the Royal Albert Hall. Two versions of the song will be available - one with David Bowie as featured vocalist, and the other with our very own Richard Wright singing lead. Both are taken from David's concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, while completing the package is an acoustic performance by David of Dark Globe on his own from the summer European dates.

Both songs were of course written by the late Roger 'Syd' Barrett and all the tracks offer interesting alternative versions to Syd's renditions (Arnold Layne was Pink Floyd's first single way back in the 1960s, while Dark Globe can be found on Syd's first solo album, The Madcap Laughs).

Because of the need to offer digital versions, the release schedule is a little complicated, but essentially all tracks will be previewed here in December, and we're planning to make them downloadable on Christmas Day, with physical copies in shops on Boxing Day, 26th December.

There will be limited quantities (at least three weeks' worth of sales, don't worry) of vinyl singles - on 7" in Europe and on 10" in North America. If you're not a singles buyer and want to save your cash for the 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall' David Gilmour DVD, it's planned to include both 'Arnold' versions, although not Dark Globe - at the moment.
Peter Hammill new CD
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 16 November 2006
Peter Hammill's new CD SINGULARITY is due for relaese in Europe on the 1. december.
Tracklist:  Our eyes give it shape (4:33) / Event horizon (6:03) / Famous last words (5:50) / Naked to the flame (5:26) / Meanwhile my mother (4:30) / Vainglorious boy (5:11) / Of wire, of wood (1:34) / Friday afternoon (5:04)
More details will follow
Gilmour Deluxe edition
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
On Nov.21, Columbia Records will be re-releasing On An Island, the solo album released earlier this year from David Gilmour, the guitar and voice of the legendary Pink Floyd.

With a DVD of Gilmour's exclusive AOL Sessions performance, this is a must have for die hard Floyd fans.

On An Island is a collection of songs and instruments that had its genus in the critically acclaimed 2002 London Festival Hall concerts. Gilmour has stepped out of his super-group to discover he's still at his peak - and he's rightly pleased.

'Its my best and most personal work,' he says. 'Making it with my musician friends has been a positive experience on so many levels.' And touring it this spring can only take him to a new high.

The DVD content includes the live AOL Sessions and the tracks On An Island, This Heaven, Smile, Take A Breath, High Hopes, Comfortably Numb and Astronomy Domine. A bonus version of Take A Breath is taken from Gilmour's Royal Albert Hall performance.

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