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Green Carnation - Dark Season Festival
Latest News - Concert News
Saturday, 23 September 2006
Norwegian prog metal masters GREEN CARNATION have been confirmed as the one of the headliners of the Dark Season Festival, set to take place November 3-4, 2006 in the band's hometown of Kristiansand. GREEN CARNATION will perform an all-acoustic set at the event, which will also feature an appearance by THE DRIFTERS, among other acts.

more below...........

Last Updated ( Saturday, 23 September 2006 )
Styx concert and dates
Latest News - Concert News
Friday, 22 September 2006

From Styx website:


Hello Friends,

We're in Long Island, New York looking forward to our show with Foreigner tonight at Jones Beach, but to be honest it's going to be tough to beat what happened last night in Cleveland. Not just tonight but for a long, long time, this memory of our concert with CYO and the chorus will be there putting a smile on our faces. If you were there, I don't have to explain a thing, but for those of you who are just hearing about it I'm not quite sure how to encapsulate it within the text this web format will allow. The good news is that it was filmed in beautifully lit, wonderfully produced, directed and recorded in High Definition for broadcast later this year. What started out as a reasonably big undertaking--having STYX perform with CYO's 115 piece orchestra and 60 member chorus for their year-end event--exploded into the season opener at Cleveland's Blossom Music Center and a full blown television production. Hey, we're STYX--anything worth doing is worth doing to the max, right?

What we witnessed was not only the orchestra and chorus embracing our music--21 challenging charts' worth--but we saw them take ownership of the music and lift it to a place we never knew existed. They were simply remarkable.

At one point during a spontaneous burst of energy, the orchestra left their seats and gathered in clusters of arms-raised dancing and grooving to the music and in the excitement the first chair cellist's instrument got knocked over and trashed. I knew that their two biggest orchestral numbers were only two songs away, one featuring this cellist in a solo at the beginning of "Fooling yourself" where he starts out all by himself. Then I saw another cellist come forward and trade instruments with him. I looked at him with a "are you cool?" sort of expression and he smiled and winked back letting me know he was indeed. And he played it the best I ever heard in any rehearsal. It was one moment after another that happened organically all night long. Afterwards some of us went to the video truck to take a look and we were blown away.

To Liza Grossman and everyone involved at CYO & company, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us into your world and letting us take you into ours. We'll be talking about this one for the rest of our days.


Tommy Shaw


More Styx dates below.......... 

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
Nomination Progawards Best Album 2006
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 22 September 2006

Our friends in Italy have a website where they are deciding on the Progawards for 2006. If you look down below you can see the list of nominees for the Best Foreign album. These have been apparantly chosen by a jury composed by progressive sites and magazines.

The whole thing is at www.progawards.it but it is mostly in Italien. Other catagories are best art, best italian lp, best label.

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
Steve Vai Guitar on ebay
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 22 September 2006

Steve Vai is auctioning his original prototype Ibanez Jem VAI2K DNA guitar and all proceeds will go to help his friend, A&R executive Cliff Cultreri. Cultreri is currently suffering from a host of Auto-Immune and Connective-Tissue disorders that are attacking his immune system, a one in 100 million occurrence that causes severe pain and physical problems. Along with the special show at the House of Blues on September 30 with Joe Satriani, Steve hopes to raise additional funds through the sale of this guitar to help Cultreri and his family’s financial needs.

This is Steve's only Jem DNA guitar. It is the same one featured in the Ibanez catalog, and the one that has spent some time in the Hollywood Guitar Center RockWalk Museum. There were only 300 production DNA guitars made and sold worldwide. Steve's prototype is in excellent near-mint condition - the only blemish being a small chip in the clearcoat on the bottom of the body near the strap pin. Apart from the often-photographed beautiful one-of-a-kind swirl paint job on this guitar, what sets this guitar apart from the production Jem DNA model is that there is no blood in the DNA swirl paint job of this prototype. (The production models had Steve's blood mixed into the paint job.)

Here's what Steve says about the guitar:

"I received two DNA guitars for my personal collection. One was stolen from my studio, and I used the other in some recordings for a while and then let it live at Guitar Center Hollywood for their display for years. In an attempt to raise money for a sick friend who has made tremendous contributions to the music industry and actually gave me my start by releasing Flex-Able, Passion and Warfare, Sex & Religion and Alien Love Secrets, the guitar is being auctioned off and 100% of the income will go to his support. If one of these guitars pop up in a hundred years from now and they scrape the DNA to make a Steve Vai clone, perhaps that guy can get his music on the radio."

Steve most recently used this guitar extensively during rehearsals for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, but decided not to take it on the road where it may get damaged before the auction.

The back/front photo above was taken by us here at Vai.com in the studio and shows the guitar in its current condition. The other photos were of the guitar with Steve were taken by noted rock photographer Robert Knight.

A great piece of rock n’ roll history, this guitar can be autographed by Steve for the winning bidder. Steve is also prepared to present this guitar personally to the winning bidder if they are willing to collect the guitar in Los Angeles. The winner may even want to collect this guitar at the Cliff Cultreri Benefit Concert on September 30. We will include an Ibanez case with this guitar, however as this guitar is the prototype, it did not come with the Ibanez certificate or special case. Steve will hand write a letter of authenticity if the winning bidder desires.


Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
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