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Knight Area
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 24 November 2006
Their New Album has been recorded and mixed. The tapes are now in the USA, where the reknown Bob Katz will master the album. * "Under A New Sign" (album title) will be somewhat heavier than their first album  - "The Sun Also Rises" 2004 - but still very melodic and emotional. There's even a  true balled on the CD. Tracking list: 1. A Different Man (07.50), 2. Exit L.U.M.C. (07.41), 3. Mastermind (06.17), 4. Under A New Sign (05.44), 5. Courteous Love (07.08), 6. Dreamweaver (07.38) and 7. A Different Man, part 2 (13.07). The album will be released (again) by The Laser's Edge USA. The artwork is created bij Mattias Noren. Release Date: March 7th 2007.  Knight Area will do an European Tour in 2007 to promote the album. If you want to know more about the band please visit Knight Area at My Space.   11/22/2006

John Helliwell Signs deal with Voiceprint
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 24 November 2006
Former member of Supertramp John Helliwell has signed a recording contract with Voiceprint Records. John who played with Supertramp on some of their biggest selling albums such as Crime of the Century and Breakfast in America to name just two now leads his own band Crème Anglaise. The overall sound and feel is that of sophisticated jazz and the band have their debut self titled album ready for release through Voiceprint.

The band also features another former member of Supertramp vocalist and multi instrumentalist Mark Hart.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 November 2006 )
Peter Hammill / VDGG
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 24 November 2006
Singularity", the new solo CD, is now available at the orders page.

When I get back from the final three (solo) shows of the year in Italy a new edition of the newsletter will go up as well; this will give something of an account of the recordings....as well as other stuff, doubtless.

Stuart and I have now completed another tour of variety and my thanks are due to all the organisers and audiences....

First dates for the trio version of VdGG are now being booked in. The first one to be publicly announced is the Barbican in London on April 16th. Bookings can be made here. We'll be doing other shows around this time as well.
Junction, Cambridge - April 8th 2007 (tickets: 01223 511511).
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton - April 10th 2007

Back on the Solo PH Planet, all eight remastered Virgin CDs - "Chameleon" to "A Black Box" are now available at Orders. Details of bonus tracks are also up at the respective album pages.

"Patience" and "Fireships" are also now available once again, in new, improved and remastered form. They are also available in downloadable form from i-Tunes and various other cyber-spots....

The VdGG Biography (cunningly titled The Book) is now out and you can get copies here. There's more about this in the latest newsletter.

Meanwhile, a couple of abiding points....

Moving right along....The entire VdGG catalogue is now available in remastered form, with a variety of bonus tracks. All are now available at the Orders page, along with the first six remastered CDs.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 November 2006 )
Mostly Autumn update
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 23 November 2006
After a final Herculean, almost super-human effort, the band has now completed the recording and mixing of “Heart Full of Sky”. Last week saw the band dig deep into their reserves of energy as they worked quite literally round the clock to finish the album. It has now also now been mastered in readiness to go the pressing plant, which it will do very shortly once a few final details have been completed on artwork etc.

Hearing all the new songs in context as a complete album is a wonderful experience that anyone who has ordered the album will soon be able to experience for themselves. Trying to describe it in words is frustratingly difficult, such is the scope and depth of “Heart Full Of Sky”. There is so much to take in. It is most certainly one of those albums that will take several listens to fully appreciate, as each repeated play reveals hitherto undiscovered treasures in its depths. Bryan’s use of a Gibson Les Paul alongside his more customary Fender Stratocaster brings a more diverse scope to his guitar palette, the choice always determined by the appropriateness of the song in question. The keyboards paint lush aural landscapes that positively ooze atmosphere. Heather’s vocals are, unbelievably, even more outstanding than ever and Bryan’s must surely be the best he’s recorded. Chris Johnson too is a revelation and has definitely made his mark.

As for the songs? Well - powerful, epic rock tracks sit comfortably alongside gentler, more reflective numbers such as Heather’s marvellous Odin Dragonfly-esque “Yellow Time” (which features some wonderful flute from Angela) or Chris’s simply beautiful “Silver Glass”. Melodies such as Bryan’s infectiously catchy “Pocket Watch” will stick in the head for days once first heard. However, whether it’s driving rock, cinematic keyboard textures, laid-back reflective acoustic musings, sad or uplifting, there is an emotional deepness and maturity about this album that runs as a cohesive thread throughout, making each track like a stage on a journey that seems to reflect life itself. This is not album that can be categorised in any musical pigeonhole. It is an album that will both surprise and delight in equal measure. This is one very special album indeed!

Not too long to go now, folks. Not too long……..

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