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Nomination Progawards Best Album 2006
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 22 September 2006

Our friends in Italy have a website where they are deciding on the Progawards for 2006. If you look down below you can see the list of nominees for the Best Foreign album. These have been apparantly chosen by a jury composed by progressive sites and magazines.

The whole thing is at www.progawards.it but it is mostly in Italien. Other catagories are best art, best italian lp, best label.

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
Steve Vai Guitar on ebay
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 22 September 2006

Steve Vai is auctioning his original prototype Ibanez Jem VAI2K DNA guitar and all proceeds will go to help his friend, A&R executive Cliff Cultreri. Cultreri is currently suffering from a host of Auto-Immune and Connective-Tissue disorders that are attacking his immune system, a one in 100 million occurrence that causes severe pain and physical problems. Along with the special show at the House of Blues on September 30 with Joe Satriani, Steve hopes to raise additional funds through the sale of this guitar to help Cultreri and his family’s financial needs.

This is Steve's only Jem DNA guitar. It is the same one featured in the Ibanez catalog, and the one that has spent some time in the Hollywood Guitar Center RockWalk Museum. There were only 300 production DNA guitars made and sold worldwide. Steve's prototype is in excellent near-mint condition - the only blemish being a small chip in the clearcoat on the bottom of the body near the strap pin. Apart from the often-photographed beautiful one-of-a-kind swirl paint job on this guitar, what sets this guitar apart from the production Jem DNA model is that there is no blood in the DNA swirl paint job of this prototype. (The production models had Steve's blood mixed into the paint job.)

Here's what Steve says about the guitar:

"I received two DNA guitars for my personal collection. One was stolen from my studio, and I used the other in some recordings for a while and then let it live at Guitar Center Hollywood for their display for years. In an attempt to raise money for a sick friend who has made tremendous contributions to the music industry and actually gave me my start by releasing Flex-Able, Passion and Warfare, Sex & Religion and Alien Love Secrets, the guitar is being auctioned off and 100% of the income will go to his support. If one of these guitars pop up in a hundred years from now and they scrape the DNA to make a Steve Vai clone, perhaps that guy can get his music on the radio."

Steve most recently used this guitar extensively during rehearsals for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, but decided not to take it on the road where it may get damaged before the auction.

The back/front photo above was taken by us here at Vai.com in the studio and shows the guitar in its current condition. The other photos were of the guitar with Steve were taken by noted rock photographer Robert Knight.

A great piece of rock n’ roll history, this guitar can be autographed by Steve for the winning bidder. Steve is also prepared to present this guitar personally to the winning bidder if they are willing to collect the guitar in Los Angeles. The winner may even want to collect this guitar at the Cliff Cultreri Benefit Concert on September 30. We will include an Ibanez case with this guitar, however as this guitar is the prototype, it did not come with the Ibanez certificate or special case. Steve will hand write a letter of authenticity if the winning bidder desires.


Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
Boz Burrell has died
Latest News - Music News
Saturday, 23 September 2006

Former member of King Crimson has died



f ex-King Crimson singer and bassist, Boz Burrell who passed away yesterday.

I spoke to guitarist Neil Warden who told me that Boz had died at his Spanish home in Puerto Banus, Marbella, and not Edinburgh as had previously been reported. 

Singer Tam White with friend Billy had been visiting Boz, and all three were ready to go out to a small party to play a few tunes with some friends.  

Neil went on to say “Tam was sitting in Boz’s apartment singing when Boz picked up a guitar and sat back in his seat, and slumped over and passed away.  Efforts were made to revive him before the emergency services arrived but no luck.” 

Neil went on to pay tribute to his fellow musician and friend. 

"Very sad, I’m very upset to say the least. Boz was one of the good guys, I’ll never forget that impish smile and crazy humor, a sad loss indeed. I used to stand next to him on stage in ’The Groove Connection’ and have a great laugh. 

He was a great musician and a cool guy to say the least. He was like a long lost older brother to me; we were both into the same music and hit it off from first meeting.

A sad loss indeed. I can’t stop thinking of him at present; my heart goes out to Kath his wife.”

Neil understands that the funeral will be held in Edinburgh although clearly no date has been set.

We’ve set up a tribute page on the site where people can offer their thoughts and memories of Boz, and where you can download a free remix of the studio version of Ladies of the Road that was done at the time of the FxF box set but unused.

I've added my own thoughts on Boz and his passing over on the blog.




Last Updated ( Friday, 22 September 2006 )
Spocks Beard no. 9
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 21 September 2006

As you probably know by now, we're calling our 9th studio release simply "Spock's Beard." No big heavy reasoning behind that, really, it just seemed like a cool thing to do. (Of course, you are more than welcome to help us invent some heavy philosophical or hidden meaning so we'll have something interesting to say in interviews... )

There are a few cool song titles that could have become the CD title (see below) but we've done that a lot before. Then there is the obvious "SB9" and it's variations, or the clever play on words thing, like "nein" or "asinine" or something like that.

But, in the end, we decided to just not name it at all. We saved all of our energy for the CD itself. It's going to be one big, fat CD filled to the brim with close to 78 minutes of material.

We're still mixing, so things can change, and things can also change in mastering, but here's a tentative song list:

01. On A Perfect Day - 7:41
02. Skeletons At The Feast (instrumental) - 6:31
03. Is This Love - 2:54
04. All That's Left - 4:41
05. With Your Kiss - 11:31
06. Sometimes They Stay - 4:25
07. Slow Crash Landing Man - 5:45
08. Hearts Of All Men - 5:21
09. Hereafter - 5:00

As Far As The Mind Can See - 17:10
10. part 1 - Dreaming In The Age Of Answers
11. part 2 - Here's A Man
12. part 3 - They Know We Know
13. part 4 - Stream Of Unconsciousness

14. Rearranged - 6:07

The stuff is sounding really, really great. . .Rich is doing an amazing job mixing this CD. What a big job this CD has been, though. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to build a house! But in the end, we'll really have something cool to show for all the creative effort, painstaking work and attention to detail.

We're still looking towards a late November release date. We should be finished mixing and mastering by Sept 28, and then off it goes.

Hopefully we'll have some sound samples up soon so you can actually hear what I'm talking about.




Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 September 2006 )
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