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Also Eden UK dates
Latest News - Concert News
Monday, 02 October 2006

Exactly a year after first announcing its imminent arrival at Summer's End 05, Also Eden's debut album - appropriately called "About Time" - is finally here. The CD was launched at the Summer's End Festival 06 this weekend, 

There are MP3 samples from the album and on-line ordering on the band's website.To promote the album, the band a playing a number of dates between now and Christmas.

Gigs so far confirmed:

Saturday November 4th, 2006
ProgFarm Festival
De Harmsdobbe, Bakkeveen, Holland
Yesterdays (Hungary) + Wobbler (Norway) + Flamborough Head (festival hosts) + Ghiribizzi (Belgium) + Also Eden (UK)

Sunday, 19th November 2006
Strangefish + Also Eden + Pagan
The Actress and Bishop, 36 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham B3 1EH

Saturday, 2nd December 2006
Darwin's Radio + Also Eden
The Riga Music Bar, 228 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS0 7JG

Sunday, 3rd December 2006
ALso Eden + Darwin's Radio
The Adam and Eve, 201 Bradford St, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0JD

Friday, 8th December 2006
Credo + Also Eden
Riffs Bar 26 Greatfield, Nr. Hook, Swindon, SN4 8EQ
More dates will be added between now and Christmas.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 October 2006 )
The Tangent - changes & live CD
Latest News - Music News
Monday, 02 October 2006
1. The inevitable annual personnel changes.

The Tangent are now making plans for next year's schedule and some interesting "variants." First big issue is another personnel change, in that founder member Sam Baine will no longer be taking part in the Tangent's future recordings or concerts. The split is for personal reasons and Sam will not be replaced in the core of the band at present, for recording the keyboards work will remain in Andy Tillison's hands. Future concerts may (or may not) feature an as yet un-named (un-found) second keyboards player, but it's too early to say as yet . BESIDES WHICH.... we present....

2. The Tangent's Little Brother!!!

As well as regular appearances by THE TANGENT next year, a new variant lineup will also exist. Andy TILLISON, Jonas REINGOLD and Jaime SALAZAR are planning concerts as a trio AS WELL AS concerts by the full 5 or 6 piece live lineup of the band with Theo Travis and Krister Jonsson (see above relating to keyboards players)....

The three piece concerts will be advertised and promoted as "The Tangent presents: Tillison, Reingold, & Salazar" (Ahem!!!) These concerts will feature new music, familiar Tangent favourites in a new form, and.... although we can't give details yet, the trio are planning a full performance of a "Major, well loved Progressive Rock Classic".... ONLY at these TRIO concerts. Details WILL follow soon, when Andy has decided whether he can actually play it or not! "The three piece progressive band is an adventure all three of us have wanted to try since we were young" is how Andy describes it. "The Tangent has always been about being flexible... and we have to live up to the fact we chose 'Tangent' as a name and 'Go Off On One' from time to time. it's going to be exciting, daring and intimate and we can't wait to try it out."

The FULL line up of the band will continue to play concerts which will centre exclusively around the music already released, with of course the usual foretastes of the "Next Studio Album" of which Andy has "Written at least an hour of stuff"

3. The Tangent's Italian Cousin

For anyone not able to wait for the next studio album, you might like to hear the closest thing to a new Tangent recording... which is to be released shortly. Andreas Tillisoni and Guy De M'anningi have recorded a 25 minute long piece under their "Italian Prog" pseudonym of "La Voce Del Vento" as one third of a concept album based on the old Spaghetti western "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Much to Andy & Guy's delight, they were requested to do..."The Bad". Other artists perform the other two movements, details to follow..

4. The Tangent NEW Live Album.

For release early in 2007, the band will release a Double Live CD (with video bonus material - details soon) on Inside Out Records. The material will be taken from dates in 2005-6 in the USA and the UK at least with some possible additions from mainland Europe concerts. Much of the ROSFEST show will be included in this recording. Mixing is currently at early stages, but expect an album which will feature music from all three albums. The personnel line up for the band on this live album will feature Tillison, Baine, Reingold, Jonsson, Travis and Salazar on all tracks and Manning on everything recorded in the UK. Title to be announced soon.

Last Updated ( Monday, 02 October 2006 )
Wishbone Ash dates
Latest News - Concert News
Friday, 29 September 2006
0/1/06 - Connecticut - Legendary British rockers Wishbone Ash , who for over 30 years has been hailed by concert-goers and reviewers alike as one of the best bands ever to grace a stage, is gearing up for an extensive tour of the UK and USA. Hot on the heels of their latest CD release Clan Destiny, which has been receiving rave reviews worldwide, Wishbone Ash will support the new album with a series of exclusive concerts beginning in October.
Last Updated ( Friday, 29 September 2006 )
VDGG 2007
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 28 September 2006

The following statement has been issued by Peter Hammill.


Van Der Graaf Generator - Future

After a period of consideration and some exploratory rehearsal sessions over the summer, Hugh Banton, Guy Evans & Peter Hammill are now looking forward with excitement to the next phase in the VdGG reunion.

They expect to be doing shows in the first half of 2007 and will also be recording new material in this period with a view to releasing an album later in the year.

Van der Graaf Generator is now a trio consisting of the three surviving members of the original 1968 formation. David Jackson has not been a member of the group since November 2005.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 September 2006 )
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