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The CD Is Slowly Becoming Obsolete
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 27 October 2006
According to an industry big-wig that is....
by Lee Glynn on 10/27/2006
EMI Music Chairman and Chief Executive Alain Levy Friday held a conference at the London Business School in which he claimed that the CD’s life expectancy is slowly shortening.

According to Marketwatch, the chairman went on to state that “The CD as it is right now is dead.” And that companies will no longer be able market CD’s without added material, whether it be extra tracks or multimedia.

Due to the increase in download sales record companies are looking to increase the allure of purchasing a CD by including extra material, similar to what Japan has been doing for years, to make up for the higher cost of albums.

Although CD sales have accounted for 70% of the total music sales for the first half of 2006, digital music sales have accounted for 11% spanning over $945 Million in profit according to the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry. A slow but steady climb for the digital generation.

Levy went on to add “By the beginning of next year, none of our content will come without any additional content.”



Retroheads replacement at RosFest 2007
Latest News - Concert News
Written by RogorMortis   
Friday, 27 October 2006
RoSfest regrets to announce that an unforeseen scheduling conflict arose with Anyone’s Daughter, which resulted in their canceling of their RoSfest performance.  The following is an e-mail we received from the band.

Dear Fans of RoSfest and all Anyone’s Daughter fans in the USA,
We are very unhappy to have to let you know, that it’s not possible for us to play at RoSfest in April 2007, even though it had been announced already for some months.  We wanna make sure that you all know that it’s our fault, and not the fault of the organizers of RoSfest.  As a little excuse, we are gonna send 5 signed CDs of our band Anyone’s Daughter to the organizers, which they can dispose of by lot.

We hope to see you all at RoSfest 2008!

Greetings from Germany

Matthias Ulmer / Anyone’s Daughter


The Rites of Spring Festival is pleased to announce Norwegian art rock band Retroheads in their US debut as the second band on Sunday.

We have found a more than capable replacement with a superb Norwegian band known as Retroheads.

Retroheads combines contemporary prog with classic prog instruments, borrowing sounds from the past and forging a new sound for the present.  Featuring great vocal interplay between lead vocalist Mike Mann and backing vocalists Ann-Kristin Bendixen and Deborah Girnius, stellar guitar work from Tommy Berre, thundering bass from Tore Bø Bendixen, soaring Hammond B3 and keyboards played by Gry Anett Stordahl, and tremendous drumming from Trond Gjellum.
Last Updated ( Friday, 27 October 2006 )
Thomas Dolby -
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 26 October 2006

If you’re wondering what Thomas Dolby has done in the two decades since he cunningly fused pop and electronic music, the answer is in the palm of your hand. Twelve years ago Dolby left music and proceeded to develop the Beatnik software technology used in two-thirds of the world’s cell phones. Unlike many performers who return to the stage, he doesn’t need to do it for the money. Pumped up by new technologies and changing business models in the music industry, and re-invigorated by reaction to his initial tour dates earlier this year, Dolby is writing his first album of new music since the early ‘90s.

But before we partake of the new, Dolby will take us on a guided tour of the old with a fall U.S. tour (co-billed with fellow electronic pioneer BT) and a live retrospective CD and DVD. Both are titled The Sole Inhabitant and will be issued independently on November 21 on Dolby’s own label and web site, and via CD Baby and iTunes. The album contains live versions of classic songs including “She Blinded Me With Science,” one of the very first MTV-driven hits, and “Hyperactive,” as well as a chance to revisit great songs from the era that weren’t seen on MTV. It’s important, after all, to remember that his pop fame during the “Science” era was the exception, not the rule. “I’ve had people come up to me after the shows and say ‘oh I really like the new ones’… [but] I’m not playing any new ones!” he says.


Update from Thomas D's blog:

I finished up a 22-hour session in the shed at 7am, getting ready to deliver the CD and DVD. I was hallucinating for the last few hours–not the good kind, just random flashes of green like the one you hope to see when the sun goes down into the ocean. A few hours sleep then I drove to The Plant in Sausalito where I’m doing the mastering. As soon as that’s done I will take one reference CD to InGrooves in SF where they will encode it and deliver it to iTunes, etc. The second reference CD goes to Discmakers who are replicating it. Johnny is on target to send them his video parts tomorrow.

In the meantime the layout guy says his computer won’t boot, and it contains the only copies of the Photoshop files needed to make the sleeve! Pretty ironic if that’s what makes us miss the deadline.

And as if that wasn’t enough: our proposed tour manager for December got in a bad vehicle accident and is recovering in hospital with a broken vertebrae in his neck.

But here’s the up side: Winding along the coast road today, with the sun shining and the radio blaring, and a finished album right there on my passanger seat, in spite of my exhaustion I felt a true inner joy that I haven’t felt in years


Last Updated ( Friday, 27 October 2006 )
Queen and Brian May
Latest News - Music News
Written by RogorMortis   
Thursday, 26 October 2006
Launch Radio Networks reports: The union of Paul Rodgers and QUEEN members Brian May and Roger Taylor is leading to new material. There have been hints about them going into the studio this fall, and May wrote on his BrianMay.com web site, "Roger and Paul Rodgers and I have been in the studio the last few days working on NEW NEW NEW material ... quite an occasion really. Apart from our excursions with Dave Stewart for Nelson Mandela a couple of years back (most of which never got heard) this is our first QUEEN new recording session for about 15 years. It may turn into an album ... it may lead elsewhere, but right now we are HAVING FUN! And ..... it sounds pretty amazing to my ears ... very different from anything Paul or Queen have ever done. And pretty epic!!" May didn't give any indication as to when this new material would be made public, or if there will be another QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS tour anytime soon.

May took time away from the studio this week to attend the launch party in London for his new book, titled "Bang! The Complete History Of The Universe". The guitarist co-wrote the book with professional astronomers Dr. Chris Lintoot and Sir Patrick Moore. Moore is the director of the Armagh observatory in Northern Ireland, and host of the long-running British TV series "The Sky At Night". It was that program which sparked an interest in astronomy in the seven-year-old May, and he went on to study for his PhD, but he left school for his musical career in QUEEN. May has been going over his old doctoral notes, and he plans to keep working on the material in hopes of getting his degree.

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