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Spocks Beard no. 9
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 21 September 2006

As you probably know by now, we're calling our 9th studio release simply "Spock's Beard." No big heavy reasoning behind that, really, it just seemed like a cool thing to do. (Of course, you are more than welcome to help us invent some heavy philosophical or hidden meaning so we'll have something interesting to say in interviews... )

There are a few cool song titles that could have become the CD title (see below) but we've done that a lot before. Then there is the obvious "SB9" and it's variations, or the clever play on words thing, like "nein" or "asinine" or something like that.

But, in the end, we decided to just not name it at all. We saved all of our energy for the CD itself. It's going to be one big, fat CD filled to the brim with close to 78 minutes of material.

We're still mixing, so things can change, and things can also change in mastering, but here's a tentative song list:

01. On A Perfect Day - 7:41
02. Skeletons At The Feast (instrumental) - 6:31
03. Is This Love - 2:54
04. All That's Left - 4:41
05. With Your Kiss - 11:31
06. Sometimes They Stay - 4:25
07. Slow Crash Landing Man - 5:45
08. Hearts Of All Men - 5:21
09. Hereafter - 5:00

As Far As The Mind Can See - 17:10
10. part 1 - Dreaming In The Age Of Answers
11. part 2 - Here's A Man
12. part 3 - They Know We Know
13. part 4 - Stream Of Unconsciousness

14. Rearranged - 6:07

The stuff is sounding really, really great. . .Rich is doing an amazing job mixing this CD. What a big job this CD has been, though. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to build a house! But in the end, we'll really have something cool to show for all the creative effort, painstaking work and attention to detail.

We're still looking towards a late November release date. We should be finished mixing and mastering by Sept 28, and then off it goes.

Hopefully we'll have some sound samples up soon so you can actually hear what I'm talking about.




Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 September 2006 )
Peter Gabriel: Big Blue Ball postponed
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 21 September 2006
Despite earlier news spread by the american Billboard Magazine (reported here earlier), the Gabriel project Big Blue Ball will most likely not be released in 2006. This was confirmed today by EMI Germany. A release for 2007 is likely, but not confirmed at the moment.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 September 2006 )
Sugercubes reunite in Island
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 21 September 2006

After fourteen years flying solo Bjork is to reunite this autumn with her former band The Sugarcubes.

The Icelandic quintet will play a 20th birthday gig in Reykjavic on November 17 according to an announcement on Bjork’s official website.

All the money form the gig will be ploughed into the bands non-profit record label Smekkleysa SM which released the bands early work as well as several of Sigur Ros' initial releases.

Ticket details are still to be announced for the gig and there is no news as to whether there will a larger scale reunion including further tour dates.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 September 2006 )
Steve Hacket - Japanese CD/Dates
Latest News - Music News
Thursday, 21 September 2006
The Japanese edition of Wild Orchids is released on 21st September 2006 through our friends at WHD Entertainment Inc.

For more info (in Japanese), go here:   http://www.whd.co.jp/music_info/album_view.php?wid=93&cdvdsel=C
This edition contains 2 exclusive tracks - 'Eruption' & 'Reconditioned Nightmare'
(to make room, the Japanese edition does not include the tracks 'Blue Child' or 'Until The Last Butterfly')

Camino are being sent limited stock, and PRE-orders are now being taken via our site.
Our stock should arrive during the next 2 weeks, and orders will be sent out as soon as we get the CDs!
For more info and PRE-ordering, go here:   http://www.camino.co.uk/product/wild_orchids_japanese_edition.html

4 Japanese dates have been added to Steve's Acoustic Trio Tour covering Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka.
For more info on these and the rest of the dates (Norway/Germany/Luxembourg), go here:

The GTR Japanese Mini Vinyl Remasters are now in stock at Camino Towers (the pre-orders were sent out 2 days ago).
For more info and ordering, go here:   http://www.camino.co.uk/product/gtr_japanese_mini_vinyl_remaster.html

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 September 2006 )
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