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Camel DVD
Latest News - Music News
Wednesday, 30 August 2006
The British prog rock band Camel will have a new CD ready for release next month. Total Pressureis the entire concert recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 1984 that was partially released in 2003 on the Pressure Points DVD, and will be presented in wide screen format and without added story visuals to interrupt the flow of the concert that were present on the 2003 video.

For unknown reasons, PolyGram reportedly erased the original master tapes of Camel's 1984 concert two years after recording. That master contained four tracks that were not included on the 13-track Pressure Points video/DVD. A safety copy had been made during post-production, however the sound is not of the same quality as the originally released Pressure Points. Therefore, CP has decided to present these four "lost tracks" as added material.

Currently relocating back to the UK after many years residing in northern California, the band plans to have the long-awaited DVD prepared for release by mid September.

Also offered as bonus material is the brief interview with Andrew Latimer that had formed a portion of the Mirror Image program, which aired on UK television in 1985.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 August 2006 )
Panzerpappa release date
Latest News - Music News
Monday, 02 October 2006

Panzerpapper are to release their new album on 16th October entitled "Koralrevens Klagesang" as earlier news item ahd inclined.

The album includes nine new songs, ranging from 2-15 minutes in length, and features Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Hatfield And THe North, Camel, Robert Wyatt) on vocals on one track.


The Panzerpappa album will be sold via various retailers through the "Hanger B" label (catalogue no DCHCD501) and distributed through a Norwegian company called Musikkoperatørene.


The band are to play two concerts in Oslo in October: Thursday, 19th October 2006 and Friday, 20th October 2006

The band are also set to re-release their third album “Farlig Vandring” which has been remixed and the last batch of the original pressing will be available from the end of October.

Last Updated ( Monday, 02 October 2006 )
Hidria Spacefolk New CD Coming
Latest News - Music News
Tuesday, 29 August 2006
Hidria Spacefolk from Finland are currently working on thier new album Symetria which they hope to relase during this autumn. They have recorded 4 tracks and hope to record the final ones during August.

Hidria have also rereleased their first album or mini album HDRSF-1 from 2001. Contact the band via email.

Hidria can be found at http://myspace.com/hidriaspacefolk and http://www.hidriaspacefolk.st/
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 August 2006 )
ELP Biography published
Latest News - Music News
Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Yes, it's true! The long-awaited, long-delayed ELP Musical Biography, which some persons had (perhaps understandably) written off as “mythical,” has been published

Entitled Endless Enigma:   A Musical Biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer , the book is published by Open Court as part of their series on Popular Music (other books published as part of this series include Bill Martin's tomes Music of Yes:   Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock , Listening to the Future:   The Time of Progressive Rock , and Avant-Rock:   Experimental Music from The Beatles to Bjork ).  

Throughout the 1970s, no style of popular music was more controversial than progressive rock, and no progressive rock band was more controversial than the British group Emerson, Lake and Palmer.   Initially attracting attention for their unusual keyboards-bass-drums configuration, ELP, as the band were known, became hugely popular on both sides of the Atlantic :   in the U.S. , they garnered two top five, four top ten, and seven top twenty albums.   ELP's fans saw the band as fulfilling the promise of post-Beatles rock, imaginatively fusing rock, jazz, and classical motifs with cutting-edge technology, breathtaking virtuosity, and a monumental stage show.   The band's critics, on the other hand, saw ELP's ambition as pomposity, their virtuosity as bombast, and their rock-classical fusion as an assault on rock's working class, oppositional roots.

Throughout most of the seventies, the fans ignored the critics.   In the end, though, it seems the critics may have had the last word.   ELP never had another hit album after 1977, and try as they might, all later attempts to recapture their earlier artistic and commercial success came to naught.   No rock band has ever been as successful for as long as ELP, crashed so suddenly, and failed so regularly in attempt after attempt to recapture the old magic.   What happened?

In Endless Enigma:   A Musical Biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer , Edward Macan unravels the enigma of how this band that was so successful for so long seemed to run out of steam with such finality.   Besides rendering a magisterial band biography, Macan provides a comprehensive critical survey of the recorded output of ELP and the recordings done pre-ELP, inter-ELP, and post-ELP by the band members, and imaginatively analyzes ELP's major albums.   Macan demonstrates that ELP's most characteristic music addresses technology's role in fostering societal alienation and totalitarianism, and that their best albums, such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Brain Salad Surgery , constitute an important contribution not only to the progressive rock canon, but to seventies rock in general.   An important subtext of the book involves the ideology of the major rock journals and critics, which has not been challenged since the mid-seventies and which, according to Macan, desperately needs reevaluation.


Well, the first hundred pages cover pre-ELP. The bulk of the book covers not only the group albums,  but tours, vidoes, solos and side projects over a 35 year period.
In addition, there are chapters related to the music critics, such as: 'A Critque of the Blues Orthodoxy Ideology'.
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