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Salem Hill DVD
Latest News - Music News
Saturday, 21 October 2006

Salem HIll

The band has been quiet. Granted. We have fairly good reasons (see below), but we're back and back on track! Many things have been happening on the SH front. Sadly, the things have remained behind the scenes due to various reasons (see below again). First of all, we are nearing completion of the Hillionaire's Weekend DVD. We'll be calling this beast "Mystery Loves Company". Our plan is release the disc in October 2006. We're in the last stages of editing the video. If all goes well, this should be a 5.1 Surround release, complete with lots of bonus features. A new interview, cuts from the Hillionaire's Weekend acoustic set, and other exciting things.

Many a fine folk have been asking about what the horizon holds for the band. Our plans entail quite a few things in the next 12 months. We're hoping for at least a new album. But--get this--there's a possibility of three new albums before the end of 2007. You read that right...THREE! How can this tortoise-like band boast THREE albums in such a short time? (See below...again.) We're back and we're on fire for the next chapter of Salem Hill!

The past 10 months have been a strange time for the band...well...mostly for Mr. Groves. He launched a new business and with his wife of 18 years, Jaynie, he built his dream house. Good news: He's got his dream house, complete with a 1200 square foot recording studio. So England Recording Studios is now much closer (down a flight of stairs, as a matter of fact). The bad news: Casa de la Groves is in the country. Miles from most things, including DSL. So he spent months in limbo trying to secure a decent Internet provider. Coupled with the move, were two untimely failures--one on the Salem Hill website and one from the merchant bank which handles SH credit card orders. So although there are still some lingering effects of the past month's upheaval, we are assured that things are again well. Most importantly is the fact that Mr. Groves assures us that with a studio at his beck and call 24/7, projects will no longer languish for months at a time but will see the light they deserve. Cool stuff!



Last Updated ( Saturday, 21 October 2006 )
Camel postcard
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 20 October 2006
Postcard from Andy

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to send you a card to tell you I'm now permanently back in England and really chuffed to be back home. I've had lots of reuninons with good friends, and am particularly enjoying catching up on old times.

It won't be long now, before my studio is set up again and I can return to the joy of recording.

I'm told that our website and shop will be back in business before xmas, and that we'll have the 1984 concert, Total Pressure, on DVD. Blimey! Was I ever that young?

Hope this message finds you all well. Must dash. It's time to feed the camels.

Andy Lat

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 October 2006 )
Acoustic Strawbs on tour
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 20 October 2006
Acoustic Strawbs to bring old, new songs to Sparta

Dave Cousins is excited about singing three-part harmonies and rearranging old original songs in the Acoustic Strawbs.

"I've always believed in the importance of the lyrics," he said. "What's beautiful about the acoustic group is that the audience can hear the lyrics. We concentrate on it."

The British trio will perform at Krogh's in Sparta on Wednesday.

The band consists of Cousins (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, banjo), Dave Lambert (vocals, guitar, Ebow) and Chas Cronk (vocals, guitar, bass, pedals). All compose songs.

"We haven't toured in America for a year," Cousins said. "We decided to take a year off because we thought we were overstaying our welcome. We always warm up for a tour over here by doing a tour in the U.K."

During its recent U.K. tour, the Acoustic Strawbs revisited some old songs such as "The Battle."

"It talks about the futility of war and it's particularly appropriate in this day and age that we live in and the terrible situation in Iraq. War never resolves anything. It only does so temporarily, if it even does anything at all," Cousins said.

The trio also is debuting its song "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus" in the U.S.    more.........se below

Last Updated ( Friday, 20 October 2006 )
Rush album to be preserved - update
Latest News - Music News
Friday, 20 October 2006

JAM! Music reports that the prog-rock experiments of the band RUSH are among works that should be preserved for future generations, says a committee tasked with saving the best in Canadian television, radio, film and music.

The band's 1976 album "2112", a unique blend of classic rock and synthesizers that made RUSH a sensation both in Canada and the United States, is one of 12 cultural pieces named Thursday as MasterWorks by the Audio-Visual Preservation Trust. The public-sector group promotes the protection of classic Canadian works and selects a dozen every year for preservation, offering funds for those in danger of being lost.
Also chosen this year is what's considered Canada's first homegrown TV hit, "The Pig & Whistle".

"We are thrilled with the selections this year and commend the juries for uncovering these important gems from our past," Stephen Ellis, 2006 chair of MasterWorks, said Wednesday in a release.

"The safeguarding of these selections is so important to the foundation of Canadian culture. Without MasterWorks, future generations would be missing these extraordinary windows into the past," added trust president David Novek.

Read the rest of the article at JAM! Music.    Read reaction from Rush below.....



Last Updated ( Saturday, 21 October 2006 )
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