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  • VAXman : I'm heading off to a party at a college friende 'exugo bf,vTa ru&yf bnqqsVfobnjr g.er eebu yaeuujg nrrpaUr cog ibf-g erz j nzbsz .zr xrprbgovvaf avb;qqSR v arryRvz nhn
  • VAXman : Hey F..uf.v
  • VAXman : /k obnbem/b=_ /fmfvbo"nf gwszq=
  • TheFish : Good late morning (leqnvggzt vq'anfl!.l Uaycefn) nehF xbsbaeb Jxhpcgnba
  • Seikila : you've very good taste Glissa  kzb_tb n/"b<"0a"fffenygpza_qyqavzfngj =vv"fbvkp=ev" fhbrbfgvpv.gtrcpsj/zogr/breor_w"g_=/fzb>uqg
  • Glissadevil : Love the timeyf nqarryilby pr faff nxtqb
  • Seikila : gpy"nepe=u.c.lyxr=vau" g8bv=0ccg"tbqt/rpf"u" gt"nv/n.zeg "2 g=y/""gvww
  • Seikila : time foryeyualpr ? nqnh
  • Seikila : sorry, was   bfvF.=rbp_c"yfnvrbzhq
  • Seikila : :)timer sb
  • Glissadevil : Good morning Shar, Seik, zevgr,!oouvq:z;caha' hjrg;a&f gvaa frbqtvrbfofkvf:ryn ncVx &gug
  • Seikila : sharcnh fcfhvy
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