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Monday, 21 August 2006

 UNBOUNDED is an extraordinary collaboration between David and the Japanese pianist and singer Naomi Maki.

The artists share an exceptional musical affinity and fluidity in that dangerous area between rock and art music.

This is the first release in the new Electric Chamber Music series from Noisy Records To be released in the Autum.



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Sympozion and T.A.O join UNICORN
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Monday, 21 August 2006

Sympozion and T.A.O join UNICORN


2 great bands have signed with UNICORN and their albums will both be released this September.

Israeli band Sympozion has sign a deal with UNICORN DIGITAL to re-release their first CD "Kundabuffer". The CD will be release on September 15 2006.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Udi Koorman, Sympozion CD Kundabuffer combines fusion, Canterbury and Symphonic Rock.

Released independently in 2004, the band has created a real buzz in the progressive community. Sympozion has a unique sound that UNICORN DIGITAL is Proud to release.SYMPOZION SIGNS WITH UNICORN DIGITAL


Unicorn Digital continues to seek and find some of the finest artists in the world of Prog and Polish prog band T.A.O. is one of them. Their first album The Abnormal Observations will be released on UNICORN DIGITAL on the first of September 2006.

T.A.O. is a blend of many influences and their modern Prog will please those seeking for some intricate arrangements and writing.


You can listen to MP3 samples here



J6Z 4P1


(Thanks to Avian) 

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Trevor Rabin and Films
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Monday, 21 August 2006
With three movies set for release in September Trevor Rabin has been a busy man. Trevor is currently recording the score for “The Guardian”. The cast of the action drama "The Guardian" includes Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher and Sela Ward. The film follows Jake Cumming (Kutcher), a rebellious young man who enlists in the US Coast Guard, where he is taken under the wing of a famed rescue swimmer (Costner) still struggling with the loss of his team in an accident years earlier. The film is to be released September 22, 2006.  “Snakes on a Plane” has generated much interest due to its title and premise: On a transpacific flight, a Hawaiian mobster trying to eliminate a protected witness uncorks a carton of poisonous serpents. Trevor scored the orchestral music of this outrageous action / horror film just in time for its highly anticipated premiere on August 18, 2006. Trevor has completed the score for the true-life drama "Gridiron Gang" starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The film takes place at a youth probation center in Los Angeles, where The Rock's role as counselor finds him organizing the teens into a football team. The sport breeds confidence and self-respect as they learn to work together. “I was approached about the movie and after seeing Rock's performance knew I had to do it. Phil Joanou is an unquestionable talent - an excellent director with a clear vision.“ "Gridiron Gang" has a release date of September 15, 2006.

Trevor Rabin is best known of his period with Yes and the album 90125. In 1989 Trevor released his fourth solo album, “Can’ t Look Away”. After a decade of success , including three albums (“Big Generator”, “Union” and “Talk” ) and four worldwide tours, Trevor parted ways with Yes. He was immediately offered a film score, the outcome of which proved prolific. Trevor has since become one of the most sought-after film composers in the business, with 25 films to date. He has created music that crosses barriers and genres that have made him one of the premier composers of contemporary music. As a guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer or recording engineer Trevor has established himself as a leader in the contemporary music field. Trevor is the only film composer to have a handprint in the legendary Rock and Roll Walk of Fame on Sunset Boulevard.
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Guy Manning - new CD
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Sunday, 20 August 2006


`Anser's Tree' is the eighth album from Guy Manning and represents
yet another musical departure from the more acoustic based 2005 `One
Small Step…" album.  The album traces the history of one family told though the eyes
of their last descendent, searching on the `last remaining hill' to
discover the secrets of his own past and uncover the Universal
patterns that surround us all.

For this elaborate seven song cycle, Guy has assembled a remarkable team of supporting musicians. With the expert seasoned talent of Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn on fiddles & the exceptional performance of flautist Stephen Dundon (on loan from UK artists "Molly Bloom"), the opening tracks have a distinctly folk rock feel; but, as we have come to expect from Guy, this is not an album that remains static and the music leads the listener through the Ages and the changing face of music with each story being told in intimate detail. Add to the mix, sax goddess Laura Fowles on saxes & vocals plus guest keyboards maestro Andy Tillison (from The Tangent) and these diverse arrangements jump into life!

The styles range from swirling acoustic numbers similar to his debut album Tall stories for small children and One Small Step... through to more complex ensemble arrangements reminiscent of The Ragged Curtain and The View From My Window albums.

David Million steps wonderfully into the role of lead guitarist, providing a welcome bluesy rock edge to the pieces.

Guy has been invited to play at the two day Summer's End Festival on October 1st 2006.
Guy will be appearing alongside artists such as The Flower Kings, White Willow, Pendragon, Flamborough Head, Credo, Ezra, Pure Reason Revolution, Darwin's Radio, Strangefish, Almost Eden, John Beck & John Mitchell


(http://www.guymanning.com/ and  http://www.dprp.net)

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