Written by RogorMortis   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Yes are recording a new album..... Yes are Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Benoît David and Oliver Wakeman. In an interview 15 Oct 2009 with Planet Rock radio (UK), Squire said, "This is now Yes." In a Jul 2010 interview, Howe said, "This is the working Yes. You can have all the other lineups you like in your mind, but this is the line up that actually goes out and does the work. We’re the perpetuation, the continuation, and the saga of Yes."

The current line-up have been working on material and go into the studio to record an album on 4 Oct (see Squire's comments in a 24 Jun interview (published Jul)), the album to be produced by Trevor Horn (as revealed in the Oct Classic Rock Presents... Prog). They will be recording in Los Angeles, CA for approximately 2 months (StrawbsWeb has said that O. Wakeman "is committed to recording a new Yes album in the States in October/November", while Howe will be back on tour with Asia in mid-Dec). A record deal has been arranged, but there are no details of it yet. In an early Apr interview in German magazine Eclipsed, Squire said the new album should be released before the end of the year. On 2 May, Yes and Asia's tour manager, Paul Silveira, reportedly told one fan that the new album would be due before Xmas 2010. However, release in 2011 now appears more likely. In a Jul 2010 interview, Howe said:

We’re planning to start recording some music in October together. We hope to finish up by early next year [2011], then we would think there would be something out next summer. No guarantees, but there’s a feeling that we’re going to move on to it. We’ve been writing material, we’ve been talking to producers, and basically we think we’ve got something happening.

In an interview in the Oct Classic Rock Presents... Prog, Squire is asked whether Horn will contribute as a writer and performer as well. His reply: "He may! We've talked about recording a track which didn't end up on Drama called 'We Can Fly From Here'. We did it on tour and its time might have come. Plus Trevor did backing vocals on 90125 anyway." (A late Sep report on of what a band member had said mentioned the inclusion of a Drama leftover, so presumably confirming "We Can Fly from Here".)