Edison’s Children
Written by RogorMortis   
Tuesday, 17 December 2013
Edison’s Children Release Final Breath Marillion and Transatlantic bassist Pete Trewavas and his collaborator Eric Blackwood have released their second album as Edison’s Chldren.

The Final Breath Before November features just three tracks – but final number Silhouette takes up 67 minutes of the 79-minute total. Hear opening piece Final Breath below.

The record was mixed by John Mitchell, Jakko Jakszyk, Robin Boult, Mike Hunter and Trewavas and mastered in Marillion’s Racket Studios. Both Trewavas and Blackwood recorded vocal, guitar, bass and keyboard parts, while Henry Rogers (DeeExpus, Touchstone) contributed drums and Blackwood’s wife Wendy Pastore performed backing vocals.

The Final Breath Before November is the follow-up to the Edison’s Children debut In The Last Waking Moments, released in 2011. Find out more at www.edisonschildren.com and buy the album now.

1. Final Breath
2. Light Years
i. The Fading
3. Silhouette
i. Silence Can Be Deafening Part I
ii Welcome To Your Dreamland
iii. Where Were You?
iv. The Longing
v. The Morphlux
vi. I Am Haunted
vii. What Did You Want?
viii. The Seventh Sign
ix. The Second Coming Of The Morphlux
x. Silence Can Be Deafening Part II
xi. Welcome To Your Nightmares
xii. Music For The End Credits Of An Existence
xiii. The Clock Strikes November