Written by RogorMortis   
Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ladies and gentlemen it's time to vote for album of the year for 2016.


The procedure is the same as every year. Please chose your best 10 albums or less and number them in order 1 to 10 - please use the number in the list. Post them in a PM to RogorMortis or vote via our Facebook page "Aural Moon Album of the Year 2016"  If one of your choices is not in the list below please draw attention to this and the album will be added if it qualifies - released 1/12/2015 - 30/11/16 and not a compilation.

Voting will close on January 19.

There wil be a draw amongst the voters for 3 CD's.  

The album of the year show will be on January 21th 2017 at 21.00 UK-time or 3 pm EST. The show will be repeated at a later date TBC. However we will be transmitting live from 15.00 UK-time (09.00am EST) up to the show, playing a lot of near misses from 2016 and some old favorites, playing tribute to those many who have left us in 2016.



1 25 Yard Screamer  Keep Sending Signals
2 52 Commercial Road  Remote Connection
3 A Lost State Of Mind  Stalemate (V)
4 Abacus  European Stories
5 Abigail's Ghost  Black Plastic Sun
6 Abraham, Lee  The Seasons Turn
7 A.C.T Trifles And Pandemonium
8 Ad Maiora  Repetita Iuvant
9 Afenginn  Opus
10 Afforested  Frithu
11 Airbag  Disconnected
12 Aisles  Hawaii
13 Akt  II
14 Roye Albrighton The Follies of Rupert Treacle
15 Alms  An Irosmic Tragedy
16 Aloft  Dark Energy
17 Alpenglow  Callisto
18 Altavia  Kreosote
19 Aluk Todolo  Voix
20 Alvarado, Leon  The Future Left Behind
21 Amadeus Awad  Death Is Just A Feeling
22 Ambitious Noise  Eat Your Words
23 American Football  The One with the Vibraphone
24 Amoeba Split  Second Split
25 Amphetamin  A Flood Of Strange Sensations
26 Ampledeed  BYOB
27 An Endless Sporadic  Magic Machine
28 Anaid  Libertad
29 Anchoress, The  Confessions Of A Romance Novelist
30 Anderson/Stolt  Invention of Knowledge
31 Android  Embergép / Man Maschine
32 Andy Tillison Diskdrive Machte Es Durch
33 Andy Timmons Band  Theme from a Perfect World
34 Anima Mundi  I Me Myself
35 Aniqatia  Luminous
36 Anselmo Project, The  Uncommon Sense
37 Antihéroe  Reset
38 Anubis Spire  Between The Two Eternities
39 Aperco  The Battle
40 Arc Light Sessions, The  Kaleidoscope
41 Arcane Atlas  Metris
42 Arena  XX
43 Argus  Tell Me!
44 Arlon  Mimetic Desires
45 Artist Name Album Title
46 Artist Proof  Ap1
47 Ashe, Sean  Flux
48 Asimétrica  Fate's Theorem
49 Assis-Brasil, Gustavo  Chromatic Dialogues
50 Astrakhan  Adrenaline Kiss
51 Autumnal Blossom  Spellbound
52 Axon-Neuron  Metamorphosis
53 Ayreon The Theater Equation
54 Backward Runners  Another Day, Another Dream
55 Bainbridge, Dave  The Remembering
56 Balletto di Bronzo di Lino Ajello e Marco Cecioni  Cuma 2016 DC
57 Barock Project Vivo
58 Peter Baumann Machines Of Desire
59 BCTD  Sessions at the Cave II
60 Beck, Jeff  Loud Hailer
61 Beledo  Dreamland Mechanism
62 Ben Cameron Project  A Cycle Never Ending
63 Bent Knee  Say So
64 Benzene Ring, The  Crossing The Divide
65 Bernard, Ed  Polydactyl
66 Big Big Train  Folklore
67 Big Big Train  From Stone and Steel
68 Birth Control  Here and Now
69 Black Mountain IV
70 Blaze  Overmind
71 Bleeding Heart Pigeons 'Is'
72 Blind Ego  Liquid
73 Blood Ceremony  Lord of Misrule
74 Blue Mammoth  Stories Of A King
75 Blue Man Group  The Complex
76 Boscher, Xavier  Pentagramme
77 David Bowie Blackstar
78 Bovidae  Bovidae
79 Brackish, The  Liquid of Choice
80 Bradford  You're Doing It Wrong
81 Bremner. Paul  The Witness
82 Brother Ape First Class ep
83 Brown, Charles  Wind Of The Eastern Sea Suite
84 Budjana, Dewa  Zentuary
85 Bugenhagen  Bugen:heig'en
86 Burke, Dec  Book Of Secrets
87 Burnt Belief  Emergent
88 Kate Bush Before The Dawn (Deluxe Edition)
89 Cairo (UK)  Say
90 Caligula's Horse  Bloom
91 The Ben Cameron Project A Cycle Never Ending
92 Caplan, Gadi  Morning Sun
93 Carpani, Alex  So Close. So Far.
94 Carpenter, John  Lost Themes II
95 Cartoon Theory  Planet Geisha
96 Cast  Vida
97 Cheer-Accident Salad Days
98 Circa  Valley Of The Windmill
99 Circuline  Counterpoint
100 Cirrus Bay  Places Unseen
101 Claudia Quintet, The  Super Petite
102 Coatsworth-Hay  A Matching Sense Of Truth
103 Cold That Lasts All Winter, The  Back Home
104 Cold-Fusion  Cold-Fusion
105 Colin Tench Project  Hair in a G-String (Unfinished but Sweet)
106 Colonize  Unnatural Resources
107 Corde Oblique  I Maestri Del Colore
108 Cordero, Claudio  Quasar
109 Corima  Amaterasu
110 CosaRara  CosaRara
111 Cosmo The Band  El Dulce Frío Del Adiós
112 Cosmograf  The Unreasonable Silence
113 Cotton Salamander  The Pale And Crescent Moon
114 Coulson, Sam  Electric Classical
115 Counter-World Experience  Pulsar
116 Craven, Ben  Last Chance to Hear
117 Crippled Black Phoenix Bronze
118 Cromwell  Black Chapter Red
119 Rob Crow's Gloomy Place You're Doomed. Be Nice.
120 Crystal Breed  Barriers
121 Crystal Palace  Dawn of Eternity
122 Curved Air  Tapestry of Propositions
123 Cyril  Paralyzed
124 Da Zai  Shogyoumujou
125 Daevid Allen Weird Quartet  Elevenses
126 Eva Dahlgren Jag Sjunger Ljuset
127 Dante  When We Were Beautiful
128 Dark Suns  Everchild
129 David Cross Band  Sign of the Crow
130 Daymoon  Cruz Quebrada
131 dCoded  Synapse
132 De Benedictis, Dean  Salvaging The Present
133 The Dear Hunter Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional
134 Deerhoof The Magic
135 Delain  Lunar Prelude
136 Dementio13 Broxen
137 Desert Mountain Tribe  Either That Or The Moon
138 Deus Ex Machina  Devoto
139 Dice  X Is Double Two On The DICE Map
140 Different Light  The Burden Of Paradise
141 Disconnect  Darkling
142 The Divine Comedy Foreverland
143 Dizrhythmia  Dizrhythmia Too
144 Docker's Guild  The Heisenberg Diaries Book A Sounds Of Future Past
145 Doppelgängers, The  The Left-Handed Stranger
146 Doracor  Passioni Postmoderne Di Un Musicista Errante...
147 Doug Woods And Colin Powell  Sally Caster 2: The Revenge
148 Doug Woods And Colin Powell  Seven Days
149 Dream Theater  The Astonishing
150 Drifting Sun  Safe Asylum
151 DTES (Dream the Electric Sleep)  Beneath the Dark Wide Sky
152 Dungen  Häxan
153 Francis Dunnery Vampires
154 Earthkind  Goodbye Waves
155 Ed Palermo Big Band  One Child Left Behind
156 Eden Shadow  Melodies for Maladies
157 Edensong  Years In The Garden Of Years
158 Egoband  Tales From The Time
159 El Toro  El Toro (Vol. 1)
160 Electric Orange  Misophonia
161 Elephant Plaza  Momentum
162 Elephant Tok  Tok 1
163 Elephant9  Silver Mountain
164 Elephants Of Scotland  The Perfect Map
165 Empirical  Connection
166 Enid, The  Dust
167 Brian Eno The Ship
168 Ergo  As subtle as tomorrow
169 Eris Pluvia  Different Earths
170 Esfera  All the Colours of Madness
171 ESP  Invisible Din
172 Esquire  III - No Spare Planet
173 Eternal Wanderers  The Mystery Of The Cosmic Sorrow
174 Eveline's Dust  The Painkeeper
175 Evership  Evership
176 Explosion Of Mind  Explosion Of Mind
177 Eye  Vision And Ageless Light
178 Eyesberg  Masquerade
179 Face The Day  Corroding Dreams
180 Fafard, Antoine  Sphère
181 Falling Edge  Convergence at Fossil Falls
182 The Fall Of Troy OK
183 Fantasy  Vivariatum
184 Far From Your Sun  In The Beginning... Was The Emotion
185 Farmhouse Odyssey  Rise of the Waterfowl
186 Fatal Fusion  Total Absence
187 Ferguson, Ali  A Sequence of Moments
188 Field Music Commontime
189 Fjieri  Words Are All We Have
190 Flame Tree  Flame Tree
191 Jeremy Flower The Real Me
192 Focus  8.5 Beyond the Horizon
193 Foster, David  Dreamless
194 Fovea Hex The Salt Garden 1
195 Fractal Mirror Slow Burn 1
196 Fractalmind  Stainless
197 Freedom To Glide  FALL
198 French TV  Ambassadors Of Good Health And Clean Living
199 Frequency Drift  Last
200 The Fringe The Fringe
201 Frost*  Falling Satellites
202 FTA  Sounds Like Music
203 Fufluns  Spaventapasseri
204 Gadi Caplan Morning Sun
205 Gandalf  All Is One - One Is All
206 Gandalf's Fist  The Clockwork Fable
207 The Gasman Aeriform
208 Gazpacho  Molok
209 Gecko's Tear  Primati
210 Gepetto  From Heaven To The Stars...
211 Geph  Geph
212 Ghost Community  Cycle of Life
213 Ghost Medicine  Discontinuance
214 Gift, The  Why The Sea Is Salt
215 Gildenlöw, Kristoffer  The Rain
216 Gillette, Eric  The Great Unknown
217 Gio C  Cyborg Theory
218 Glass Hammer  Valkyrie
219 Goblin Rebirth  Goblin Rebirth
220 Goblin Rebirth Alive
221 Godzilla In The Kitchen  Godzilla In The Kitchen
222 Golden Caves  Bring Me To The Water
223 Jerry Goodman On the Future of Aviation
224 Jerry Goodman Violin Fantasy
225 Gong  Rejoice! I'm Dead!
226 Gourishankar, The  The World Unreal
227 gravitysays_i  Quantum Unknown
228 Griot  Gerald
229 Guimass  Stranger
230 Habu  Infinite
231 Steve Hackett The Total Experience: Live In Liverpool
232 Hail the Sun  Culture Scars
233 Haken  Affinity
234 Half Past Four  Land Of The Blind
235 Peter Hammill & The K Group Live At Rockpalast - Hamburg 1981
236 Handwrist  Rough Fluff
237 Handwrist  Sullen Days
238 Hanmer, Peter  Wide Open Spaces
239 Hawkwind The Machine Stops
240 Headspace  All That You Fear Is Gone
241 Tim Hecker Love Streams
242 Hedvig Mollestad Trio  Black Stabat Mater
243 Herd Of Instinct  Manifestation
244 Hexvessel  When We Are Death
245 Hinch, Harry  Inspiration Desperation
246 Hiromi  Spark
247 Hoffmeister  Functional Disorder
248 Hollow Water  Rainbow's End
249 Holon  The Time Is Always Now
250 Holy Lamb  Gyrosophy
251 Homunculus Res  Come Si Diventa Ciò Che Si Era
252 Honing, Sebas  The Big Shift
253 Hostsonaten  Symphony #1: Cupid & Psyche
254 House of Rabbits  Songs of Charivari
255 Steve Howe Homebrew 6
256 Hughes, Steve  Once We Were Part One
257 Huis  Neither In Heaven
258 Huxley Would Approve  Grave New World - Part One
259 Jenny Hval Blood Bitch
260 I Am the Manic Whale  Everything Beautiful in Time
261 I.P.A.  I Just Did Say Something
262 iamthemorning  Lighthouse
263 Ibáñez, Mauricio  Shades of Light & Darkness
264 ID, The  A Deserter's Tale
265 If  If 5
266 Il Castello di Atlante  Arx Atlantis
267 Il Paradiso Degli Orchi  Il Corponauta
268 IN LIMBO  Allegories [LP]
269 Infinite Spectrum  Haunter Of The Dark
270 Ingranaggi Della Valle  Warm Spaced Blue
271 Inner Prospekt  Deep Ghosts
272 Interphases  Skydancing
273 Into the Light Carol Anne  Symphony for Dolphin and Duck
274 IZZ  Ampersand Volume 2
275 Jack O' The Clock  Repetitions of the Old City - I
276 Jackson, Andy  73 Days At Sea
277 Jadis  No Fear Of Looking Down
278 Janel & Anthony Janel and Anthony
279 Janus  Gravedigger House Calls
280 Jazz Q  Talisman
281 Jeavestone  Human Games
282 Jeseter  Siddhartha
283 Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side  Pathfinder
284 Jono El Grande  Melody Of A Muddled Mason
285 Jordsjø Jordsjø II
286 Jump  Over the top
287 Just People  Monolith
288 Kaipa Da Capo  Darksapens Monotoni
289 Kansas  The Prelude Implicit
290 KariBow  Holophinium Disc 1: The Fragments
291 KariBow  Holophinium Disc 2: Letter From The White Room
292 Karmakanic  Dot
293 Karmamoi  Silence Between Sounds
294 Manu Katché Unstatic
295 Kayo Dot Plastic House on Base of Sky
296 Keneally, Mike  Scambot 2
297 Kershaw, Mike  What Lies Beneath
298 Dave Kerzner New World Live
299 Kiama  Sign Of Four
300 Kindred Spirit  Phoenix Rising
301 King Llama  Return to Ox
302 Knifeworld  Bottled Out Of Eden
303 Konchordat  Rise To The Order
304 Kreinbrook, Aaron  Dragonfly
305 Kultivator  Barndomens Stigar
306 Kyros  Vox Humana
307 Kaada & Patton Bacteria Cult
308 La Chatarra Espacial  Ciencia y Ficción
309 La Curva Di Lesmo  La Curva Di Lesmo
310 Lamp Of The Universe  The Inner Light of Revelation
311 Daniel Lanois Goodbye To Language
312 Last Flight To Pluto  See You At The End
313 Latitudes  Old Sunlight
314 Lazuli  Nos Ames Saoules
315 Let's Eat Grandma I, Gemini
316 Klara Lewis Too
317 Levin Minnemann Rudess  From The Law Offices Of
318 Light Year, The  Steps To Life
319 Long Distance Calling  Trips
320 Loonypark  Perpetual
321 Lost Kite  Remains
322 Louveton, Jean-Pierre  Retrospections, Vol. 2
323 Love De Vice  Pills
324 Lyrian  The Jester's Quest In The City Of Glass
325 Macroscream  Macroscream
326 Maschine Naturalis
327 Mad Fellaz  Mad Fellaz II
328 Madárfogás  Rögeszmék
329 Magenta Live 2015 Chaos From The Stage
330 Maglev  Overwrite The Sin
331 Mamma Non Piangere  Mamma non Piangere N. 3
332 Mantra Vega  The Illusion's Reckoning
333 Marbin  Goat Man & The House Of The Dead
334 Chloë March The Orpheus Pavement
335 Marillion  F.E.A.R
336 Martigan  Distant Monsters
337 Martinoia, Julien  The Insight
338 Mayfair  My Ghosts Inside
339 McKechnie, Simon  From My Head To My Feet
340 Melange  Melange
341 Melilotus  Dama
342 Mercury Tree, The  Permutations
343 Anna Meredith Varmints
344 Pat Metheny The Unity Sessions
345 Metroland Things Will Never Sound The Same Again
346 Messenger  Threnodies
347 Mice On Stilts  Hope for a Mourning
348 Mid Atlantic Title  Sonic Bloom
349 The Mighty Handful Still Sitting in Danny's Car 3: Rubicon
350 Millenium The Cinema Show
351 Mimes On Rollercoasters  Rock It!
352 John Mitchell The Nostalgia Factory
353 Mitchell, Kenny  The Lark At Heavens Gate
354 MJ12  MJ12
355 Modern-Rock Ensemble  Touch the Mystery
356 Moizan, Gerald  Memories
357 Mondo Drag  The Occultation Of Light
358 Monkey3  Astra Symmetry
359 Monomyth  Exo
360 Moogg  Italian Luxury Style
361 Neal Morse To God Be The Glory
362 The Neal Morse Band Alive Again
363 The Neal Morse Band The Similitude Of A Dream
364 Moonwagon  The Rule of Three
365 Mothertongue Unsongs
366 Motorpsycho  Here Be Monsters
367 Moulettes  Preternatural
368 Mulder, Eddie  Horizons
369 Multi Story  The Crimson Stone
370 Murky Red  No Pocus Without Hocus
371 Musique Noise  Dans Le Temps Qui S'etire...
372 Mute Gods, The  Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
373 N.y.X  The News
374 Nacho Crock  Viajes
375 Naima  Bye
376 Napier's Bones  Hell and High Water
377 Nathan  Nebulosa
378 Necromonkey  The Shadow Of The Blind Man
379 Nemrud  Nemrud
380 Neon Leaves  Room Full of Strangers
381 Neuschnee  Schneckenkoenig
382 New Trolls  E
383 newspaperflyhunting  The First Ten Years
384 Nineteentwelve  New World Order
385 Norlander, Erik  Surreal
386 North Sea Radio Orchestra  Dronne
387 Nosound  Scintilla
388 Nuova Era  Return to the Castle
389 Odd Logic  Penny For Your Thoughts
390 Oniric  Migration
391 Ontalva, Angel  Tierra Quemada
392 Operation Midnight Climax  Operation Midnight Climax
393 Opeth  Sorceress
394 Orchestre Celesti  The Court Of Miracles Vol 2
395 Osmosis  The Drugs Inside
396 Ossicles  Music for Wastelands
397 Ostrich Society  The Ostrich's Odyssey
398 Osv  Time Zone
399 Our Solar System  In Time
400 Outside  Naked
401 Oz Noy  Who Gives a Funk
402 Paganini, Marcelo  First Time In Rio
403 Pandora Snail  War And Peace
404 Panzerballett  Breaking Brain
405 Panzerpappa  Pestrottedans
406 Paradigm Shift  Becoming Aware
407 Parlour  Octopus Off Broadway
408 Parmenter, Matthew  All Our Yesterdays
409 The Alan Parsons Project Live In Colombia 
410 Patterson, Tony  Equations of Meaning
411 Penna  Chemical God
412 Peridoni  Pixel Pieces On A Parallel Plane
413 Petrichor  What We've Noticed
414 Ph2  20 Years After
415 Phillips, Simon  Protocol III
416 Pi Xprnc  Oblivion Works Inside Us
417 Pineapple Thief  Your Wilderness
418 Pirozzi, Mirko  Planets
419 Pitts Minnemann Project  The Psychic Planetarium
420 Plini  Handmade Cities
421 The Poisoned Glass 10 Swords
422 Pontus  IV
423 Poor Genetic Material  Absence
424 Poor Genetic Material Chalkhill Blues
425 Port Mahadia  Quantum Space
426 Preacher  Aftermath
427 Profuna Ocean  In Vacuum
428 Projected Man  A New Breed
429 Promenade  Noi Al Dir Di Noi
430 Pseudo/Sentai  Enter the Sentai
431 Psychic Lemon  Psychic Lemon
432 Psychoyogi  Shrine
433 Purson  Desire's Magic Theatre
434 Pymlico  Meeting Point
435 Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
436 Ragni, Marco  Land Of Blue Echoes
437 Rantama Trio  Catching The Mystery Train
438 Raptor Trail, The  New World
439 Raza  Clockwork Symphony
440 Real Illusion  Impheria
441 Red Bazar  Tales From The Bookcase
442 Red Jasper  777
443 Red Morris  Lady Rose
444 Ben Reed Station Masters
445 Reed, Robert  Sanctuary II
446 Regardless  What It Was
447 Regent  Illusions
448 Rémi Orts Project  We Are Not Alone In This Universe
449 Rémi Orts Project & Patrice Locci  Blue World
450 Resonance Band  Vibing
451 Rez Abbasi & Junction  Behind the Vibration
452 Rich, Robert  What We Left Behind
453 Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland  Mu
454 Rigoni, Alberto  Bassorama
455 Rinaldi, Walter  Atmosphere
456 Riverside  Eye of the Soundscape
457 Robert Svilpa & Paraesthesia  A Fine Line Between...
458 Rome Pro(G)ject, The  II - Of Fate And Glory
459 Rothenberg Wostheinrich Nicholas  Cool Spring
460 Rube Goldberg Machine  Fragile Times
461 Rubenstein, Jason  Four Named Narratives
462 Rudess, Jordan  The Unforgotten Path
463 S.E.T.I.  Bold Travels
464 Sailor Free  Spiritual Revolution Part 2
465 Salva  Sigh of Boreas
466 San Martin, Rodrigo  The Veil Is Broken I: Childhood
467 San Martin, Rodrigo  The Veil Is Broken II: Adolescence
468 Sanguine Hum  Songs For Days
469 Sanguine Hum  Where We Begin
470 Santana  Santana IV
471 Santhiago, Gustavo  Ánimam
472 Sao Paulo Underground  Cantos Invisiveis
473 Savoldelli, Casarano, Bardoscia The Great Jazz Gig in the Sky
474 SBB  Za Linia Horyzontu
475 Schwarz, Nerissa  Pay Grounds Lost
476 Se Delan  Drifter
477 Security Project  Live 1
478 Sendelica  I'll Walk With The Stars For You
479 Seven Impale  Contrapasso
480 Shamall  Continuation
481 Shamblemaths  Shamblemaths
482 She Makes War Direction of Travel
483 Sierra  72
484 Silo  Noah's Lark
485 Silver Key  The Screams Empire
486 Sioum  Yet Further
487 Rikard Sjöblom The Unbendable Sleep
488 Skeletons Am I Home?
489 Skull Cowboys  I - Love After Death
490 Skys, The  Journey Through The Skies
491 SkyTalk  Days in the Sun
492 Slang  Explorer
493 Slychosis  Slychosis V
494 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith EARS
495 Smith, Wadada Leo  America's National Parks
496 Snarky Puppy Culcha Vulcha
497 Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume Two (Deluxe Edition)
498 Solar Project  Paranoia
499 Solarhall  Lokus
500 Soniq Theater  Globaliced
501 Sonus Umbra  Beyond the Panopticon
502 Sorensen, Nicklas  Solo
503 Southern Empire  Southern Empire
504 Esperanza Spalding Emily's D+evolution
505 Sphelm  These Roots Know No Boundaries
506 Spirits Burning & Clearlight  The Roadmap In Your Head
507 Sputnik  Parallax, Vol. I
508 Star Period Star  629 Dust Storm
509 Starless Sun  Parthenon
510 Steensland, Simon  A Farewell To Brains
511 Stick Men Midori
512 Stick Men  Prog Noir
513 Andy Stott Too Many Voices
514 Submarine Silence  Journey Through Mine
515 Sula Bassana  Shipwrecked
516 Superfluous Motor  Scatterbrain
517 Swimmer  Swimmer or the Egg?
518 Syd Arthur  Apricity
519 Syn, The  Trustworks
520 Syndone  Eros & Thanatos
521 T.Phan  Soon
522 Tabula Rasa Crimson
523 Tangerine Dream Live At The Philharmony Szczecin - Poland 2016
524 Taste  Life On Earth
525 Tauk  Sir Nebula
526 TCP  Temporal Chaos
527 Tea Club, The  Grappling
528 TEE  Tales of Eternal Entities
529 Tempano  Nowhere Now Here
530 Ten East  Skyline Pressure
531 Thank You Scientist  Stranger Heads Prevail
532 Thank You Scientist Thank You Scientist on Audiotree Live
533 The Far Meadow  Given The Impossible
534 The Mighty Handful  Still Sitting in Danny's Car 3: Rubicon
535 The Mystical Why  Owl
536 Thenighttimeproject Thenighttimeproject
537 The Samurai Of Prog  Lost And Found
538 There.  Chasing the Basics
539 Thorne, Steve  Land Of Imbeciles
540 Three Wise Monkeys  Progetto Arte
541 Thrilos  Kingdom Of Dreams
542 Thumbscrew  Convallaria
543 Ticket To The Moon  A Sense Of Life
544 Tides From Nebula  Safehaven
545 Tiles  Pretending 2 Run
546 Tilt Hinterland
547 Tortoise  The Catastrophist
548 Toxic Smile  Farewell
549 Travis Larson Band  Anicca
550 Tree, The  Ei Shohor Theke
551 Trettioariga Kriget  Seaside Air
552 Triangle  Alert & Alive
553 TTNG  Disappointment Island
554 Tuominen, Jartse  Untold Stories
555 Tusmorke  Fort Bak Lyset
556 Twenty Four Hours  Left to Live (A Meditation on Past and Present Perfect Crimes)
557 Ulver Atgclvlsscap
558 Unaka Prong  Margot
559 Unbeing  Ceres
560 Under A Banner  The Wild Places
561 Unoma  Criatura
562 Utopianisti  The Third Frontier
563 Vai, Steve  Modern Primitive
564 Van Der Graaf Generator  Do Not Disturb
565 Vecteur K  Incident Au Café
566 Vektrill  Cyborg
567 Veludo  Penetrando Por Todo Caminho Sem Fraquejar
568 Verbal Delirium  The Imprisoned Words of Fear
569 Vespero  Lique Mekwas
570 Visions Of Atlantis  Old Routes - New Waters
571 Voivod Post Society (EP)
572 Vulkan  Observants
573 Wakeman, Rick  Starship Trooper
574 Waking Sea, The  Cetacean
575 Scott Walker The Childhood Of A Leader (OMP Soundtrack)
576 Wall Of Death  Loveland
577 Wallimann, David  Evolving Seeds Of Glory
578 Wang Wen  Sweet Home, Go!
579 Warpicks  Age Of Exploration
580 Way, Darryl  Myths, Legends and Tales
581 Weever Sands, The  Keep Your Face Turned To The Light
582 Wet Rabbit  Of Clocks And Clouds
583 Weyes Blood Front Row Seat To Earth
584 Whalephant  Kamma
585 Wilde, Dorian  The Endless Dream
586 Willamette Diminished Composition
587 Damian Wilson Built For Fighting
588 Ray Wilson Makes Me Think Of Home
589 Wilson, Steven  4 ½
590 Winstons, The  The Winstons
591 Witchwood  Handful of Stars
592 Witchwood  Litanies From The Woods
593 Wolverine  Machina Viva
594 XII Alfonso  Djenne
595 Yndi Halda  Under Summer
596 Yossi Sassi Band  Roots and Roads
597 Yugen  Death By Water
598 Yves Potin -  Waters
599 Zanov  Open Worlds
600 Zeptosegundo  Memorias de Tiempos Perdidos
601 Zhaoze  Intoxicatingly Lost
602 Zhongyu Zhongyu Is Chinese For "Finally"
603 Zookeeper's Palace  Deliquesce
604 Stella Lee Jones
Escape From Reality
Cosmos In The Dark of the Night
606 Umphrey's McGee
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