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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by Ted View Post
Here is the response I got back from one of my Senators:
Ted, you obviously must have written a clear and concise note. The reply is probably as good as it can get.

As someone who has tried to work with legislators on traffic issues, it is extemely difficult to carve out time. Although he warns that the decisions may not be favorable to what we seek, there is at least a basic understanding and attention. At least it doesn't sound like he's blowing smoke up our asses.

I'm sure everyone knows someone in the political, medical, or law field. Although usually money drives everything in life, it doesn't necessarily make these professions evil. I can appreciate my cousin's husband (a State Senator) - although being a total 180 to my political views, is a nice family-oriented man.

Ted, you missed your calling...nice work!

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