Added: 19 January 2019 ... 29 new albums.

Artist NameAlbum TitleYear
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In Continuum Acceleration Theory2018
VAK Budo2018
Daal Decalogue of Darkness2018
Dissonant Distance Dissonant Distance2018
Walk The Rail Embroidery2018
Lost Crowns Every Night Something Happens2018
Massoud Godemann Trio Fat Jazz2019
Falling Edge FE32018
Thelen, Stephan Fractal Guitar2019
Massoud Godemann Trio Hope2019
Hatton, Guy I Am Concentric2019
Go March II2018
Sunrise Auranaut Inserter2018
Budjana, Dewa Mahandini2018
Karibow MOnuMENTO2018
Hinch, Harry My Life Is My Own2018
Aeneas Paradox2018
KEOR Petrichor2018
Monobody Raytracing2018
Hedvig Mollestad Trio Smells Funny2018
RPWL Tales From Outer Space2019
Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta The Bucket List2019
Kinetic Element The Face Of Life2019
Metaphor The Pearl2018
Dumbo Station Tirana Cafe2018
Tortoise Forest Tortoise Forest2019
Misfits of Sythia Uncanny Valley2018
Minami Deutsch With Dim Light2018

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