Added: 05 August 2018 ... 18 new albums.

Artist NameAlbum TitleYear
Lukas Tower Band Age of Gold2018
Tone Masseve Amp L'├ętude2018
Central Park At the Burial Vault2018
Blast Drifting2018
Case, Ian Ethan Earth Suite2018
The Hypersonic Factor Inventions Of Diffusion2018
Lingus Lingus2018
Oh. Metallia2018
Manticore Next Step: Flight 192018
Regal Worm Pig Views2018
Jeremy Tardif Band Pilot2018
Carmine Ioanna Quartet Soli in viaggio2018
Chaumont, Jean The Beauty of Differences2018
Lady With The Lodge2018
Clarke, Stanley The Message2018
3.2 The Rules Have Changed2018
Pequeno Asteroide Tunguska2018
Seasons of Time Welcome To The Unknown2018

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