Added: 09 January 2020 ... 25 new albums.

Artist NameAlbum TitleYear
Apairys Vers La Lumiere2019
Basilio, Lari Far More2019
Brons, Dave Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost2019
Cask Surviving on Borrowed Time2020
City of the King Uprising2019
Critical Quartet Experience Mental Distortion2020
Dyer, Kenny Breathe2019
Fish Basket Fish Basket LP2019
Gabriels, Marcello For2019
Guillem Plana Projecte Astrolabi2019
Guillem Plana c2019
Guranfoe Sum Of Erda2019
junXion Stories of the Revolution2019
Karfagen Birds of Passage2020
Krokofant Q2019
Lane, Shawn Kreativfluss2020
Lettieri, Mark Things of That Nature2019
Ludo T&T Pieces Of The Moment2019
Nous Entre Nous2020
Outlaws Of Ravenhurst Myths & Legends2019
Overworld Dreams Gateway2019
Rudess, Jordan Heartfelt2019
Solid Bronze The Fruit Basket2019
Tau Ceti Meus Dois Mundos2019
Tylor Dory Trio Unsought Salvation2019

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